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Beech, Harold
Harold Beech
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Seven items. The collection consists of three oral history interviews, three photographs and one artwork related to Harold Beech (b.1933). He was a schoolboy in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire during the war and experienced an aircraft crash.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Harold Beech and catalogued by IBCC staff.






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Beech, H

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Harold Beech could see the activity of several airfields and witnessed stricken aircraft flying back to stations near his home. He also witnessed a crash and describes how he hid in a Lancaster, with the help of the engineer who was billeted with his…

Harold Beech was born in 1933 in Middle Rasen and grew up on a farm. During his youth he lived near several airfields. His grandmother befriended an aircrew and in this interview Harold recounts another encounter with the crew involving lemonade…

Harold Beech was born in Middle Rasen, Lincolnshire. He was six when war was declared and saw the construction of many airfields near his home. As a schoolboy he also watched aircraft being transported on the back of Queen Marys. A lodger with his…

Twelve shapes of Hampdens are arranged in four rows and three columns, some have been coloured. Drawn by Harold Beech, aged 8.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

A V Roe civilian crew at RAF Wickenby
Group photograph of the A V Roe civilian staff who serviced Lancasters at RAF Wickenby. In a grass field with buildings in the background, sixteen men are arranged in two rows, one standing, one kneeling. Some wear overalls, one or two are in suits;…

Mary Brophy at Middle Rasen
Mary Brophy, in summer dress, is sitting on a brick wall; behind the wall is a hedge and tree in full foliage and in front of the wall a grass verge. Mary Brophy remained in the village after the war to go to grammar school. Captioned 'Mary Brophy.…

Harold Beech at Snelland railway station
Harold Beech in railway worker’s uniform, with peaked cap, standing in front of a level crossing gate at Snelland railway station. On the left is a signal box and behind him, alongside the two rail tracks, is a semaphore railway signal. Harold…
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