Jones, Ron and Bascombe, Betty


Jones, Ron and Bascombe, Betty
E J Bascombe
Ron Jones
R Jones


Nine items. An oral history interview and a series of photographs and documents detailing the lives of Ron Jones (646212 Royal Air Force) and his wife Elizabeth J Bascombe (now). A document she wrote describes how she met Ron, their short marriage and his disappearance.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Elizabeth Bascombe and catalogued by IBCC Digital Archive staff.

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Bascombe, EJ

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Betty grew up in Cardiff and worked in the Royal Ordinance factory. Her first husband, Ron joined the Royal Air Force as a flight engineer. She talks about receiving the telegram, stating that Ron was missing and later finding out that he had been…

Ron Jones and his bride
Sergeant Ron Jones in Royal Air Force uniform, standing beside his bride, Elizabeth. She is wearing a bride's dress and is carrying a floral bouquet. 26/1/44 is handwritten on the top right corner.

Ron Jones' decorations
Medals awarded to Ron Jones - 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, War Medal and Defence Medal.

Ron Jones with step brother and cousin
Three quarter length portrait of a soldier, Sydney Nichols, a sailor, Albert Venables and Ron Jones. All three in respective uniforms. On the reverse '1939-40 Ron with Stepbroth Sydney Nicholas (Army) and cousin Albert Venables (Navy)'

Ron Jones and his mother
Ron is dressed in his airman's uniform standing beside his mother. She is wearing a dress and a coat. They are standing in a garden in front of bushes. Behind is a house. On the reverse 'Ron & his mother 1938'

Elizabeth Jones
Head and shoulders portrait, Elizabeth Jones is dressed in Army Territorial Service uniform. On the reverse '1946 Hamburg Private Jones EJ. w/333315', '-64 B.A.O.R.'

Ron Jones and Elizabeth Jones marriage certificate
An extract of the Marriage Register, dated 26 January 1944.

Ron Jones' service record
Service record of Ron Jones from 1 June 1939 to 25 April 1944.

Reminiscence and memories of  Mrs E J Bascombe
Flight Engineer Ron Jones 61 Squadron, killed in action 25 April 1944. Details of his early life and service career. Some information how he met his wife, then their brief marriage. Initially he was declared missing but on January 1945 he was…
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