Abbotts, Cyril


Abbotts, Cyril
C Abbotts


Two items. The collection consists of one oral history interview and one service and release book related to Warrant Officer Cyril Abbots (b. 1294, 1583753 Royal Air Force). Cyril Abbotts volunteered for the Royal Air Force and trained as a pilot in Canada. On his return to Great Britain he flew operations as a flight engineer with 57 Squadron from RAF East Kirkby in 1945 and later converted from Lancasters to Lincolns. The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Cyril Abbot and catalogued by IBCC staff.




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Abbots, C

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Cyril Abbotts volunteered for the Royal Air Force while he was an engineering apprentice with W T Avery at Smethwick. After his reception at Lord’s Cricket Ground and initial training,he trained as a pilot at RAF Bowden and Moose Jaw in Canada. On…

Cyril Abbotts' service and release book
Service in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (16 November 1942 to 11 December 1946), then released as class A warrant officer. Statement of aptitudes and qualities 'A very sound and reliable Warrant Officer who has given all his energies to the…
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