Pearce, Arthur


Pearce, Arthur
A T Pearce


140 items. The collection concerns Warrant Officer Arthur Pearce (1874945 Royal Air Force) He served as an air gunner with 12, 170 and 156 (Pathfinder) Squadrons and completed a 44 operations. After the war, on 35 Squadron he took part in the June 1946 Victory flypast over London and a goodwill visit to the United States. It contains his diaries, memorabilia and photographs.

The collection also contains an album concerning his post war activity with the Goodwill tour of the United States.

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Pearce, AT

Collection Items

156 Squadron
Aircrew from 156 Squadron in three rows in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'No 156 (Pathfinder) Squadron, RAF Wyton, Huntingdon, September 1945'

Tin box medal ribbon and brevets
Tin box with label for Arthur Pearce 12 AG, 1943/44. Contains Distinguished Flying Medal ribbon and accompanied by air gunner and flight engineer brevets.

Name labels
Labels for Arthur and Hilegard Pearce, including an address 'British Consulate, Duquesa de Parcent 8, Malaga 217571'.
Stencilled and written on the back of a Fortuna Cigarette packet.

Pathfinder badge
Golden eagle pathfinder badge front and rear.

Warrant Officer rank badges
Two warrant officer crown badges front and rear

La Croix du Combattant de L'Europe
Medal with blue ribbon with European star circle emblem. Front and back views.

Arthur Pearce's decorations
Five medals with ribbons on medal bar. Includes:
Distinguished Flying Medal,
1939-1945 Star,
France and Germany Star,
Defence Medal,
War Medal 1939–1945.

Front and rear views. Includes medal ribbons.

Magnetic compass
Several views of small compass with cover

Magnifying glass and case
Folding magnifying glass with protective metal cover and leather case.

Ensign 'All Distance Twenty' camera and case
Front and side views of an Ensign camera out of and in a canvas case

Flying Helmet
Leather flying helmet with oxygen mask and tube and goggles. Intercom connection lead at rear. Close up of earpiece headphone and intercom connector.

Fieseler Fi 156 Storch
View from rear of aircraft pointing towards horizon. Door is open and iron cross on starboard side. In the distance to the right a tall building with turrets.

Arthur J Pearce Business card
Business card for Arthur Pearce for Cox & Kings (Agents) Limited, 15 Charles II Street, London, SW1

Award of La Croix du Combattant de L'Europe
Certificate of award of La Croix du Combattant de L'Europe. Awarded by the European Veterans' Confederation to Arthur James Pearce DFM PFF.

Arthur Pearce appointment as warrant officer
Appointment scroll for Royal Air Force Warrant Officer

Arthur Pearce award of Pathfinder force badge
Certifies that Flight Sergeant A J Pearce is permanently awarded Pathfinder force badge.

Letter to Flight Sergeant Arthur Pearce from King George VI
Regrets unable to personally give Pearce well earned award of Distinguished Flying Medal.

Arthur Pearce Air Force Diary 1945
Some personal data and a list of operations with heights. Entries for flying days, Operations January to April 1945, Mentions leave, birthdays, train times, days out, events, news of friends and acquaintances, meetings and parties, hospital…

Arthur Pearce Diary 1944
Memorandum items addresses of friends and acquaintances, mentions many days/evenings out and what sort of time he had in Belfast, Lincoln, Gainsborough and many others. Mentions various journeys and postings, lists birthdays. Jots down daily…

Arthur Pearce - the aeroplane diary 1943
Contains personal information, address and telephone numbers of acquaintances. Entries for registered for RAF 9 Jan 43, fireguard duty days, swimming, medical appointment, passed selection board for Air Gunner 26 MaR 43,Holiday dates, call up papers…

Arthur Pearce - the aeroplane diary 1942
Contains addresses in London and one in Stalag XXB Germany. Entries for bithdays, maths, fire watching, dancing classes, holidays, fractured arm 15 September and hospital appointments September and October, fire guard.

Arthur Pearce Business man's notebook and Diary 1942
Contains address in Falmouth Rd London SE1, some personal details. Includes entries for a prisoner of war address, birthdays, maths, fire watching, met Grace (May), dancing, classes, holidays, address for Mary O'brian London.

Headed 'Sgt Pearce, 24.6.44, Ex 2, Course 99B'. Air-to-air gunnery film with Miles Martinet target aircraft. Taken from Wellington from RAF Ingham.

Headed 'Sgt Pearce, 23.6.44, Ex 1, Course 99B'. Air-to-air gunnery film with Miles Martinet target aircraft. Taken from Wellington from RAF Ingham.

Compilation of air-to-air gunnery films against Miles Martinet target aircraft.
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