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Allen, Bert
B W Allen


22 items. the collection concerns Bert Allen (1923 - 1993, 1898094 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book and photographs, including some taken in Mauripur and Mumbai. He flew operations as an air gunner with 207 Squadron from RAF Spilsby. He was subsequently posted to India and was demobbed in 1946.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Mathew Allen and catalogued by Peter Adams.




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Allen, BW

Collection Items

B W Allen’s flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners, flight engineers
Flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners, flight engineers for B W Allen, air gunner, covering the period from 15 April 1944 to 1 June 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Pembrey, RAF…

D Squad, RAF Pembrey, No.1 AGS
Group photograph of 12 trainees, in three ranks. They are posed in front of an outside wall, and buildings can be seen beyond the wall. On the reverse, 'D Squad RAF Pembrey, No.1 AGS' There follows twelve numbered signatures, indicating their…

50 Air Gunners
Group photograph of 50 air gunners, in three ranks, and reverse. Caption reads, '(redacted) SQDN. Air Gunners. May 1945.' Reverse has yellow sticker with, '207 Sq' written on it.

Air and ground crew beneath an aircraft
Seven aircrew and three ground personnel, arranged in two ranks, are beneath an aircraft on a dispersal. The front rank of four are kneeling on a tarpaulin, whilst the other six are standing behind. The rear rank are all wearing their uniform caps,…

Aircrew sergeant with pipe
An airman in uniform is sat outside on some stone steps. On the reverse, 'I think this is the best one duck, me on the end of my pipe' and, 'Nov. 46 M'Pur. (1)'

Four uniformed men in front of the Mumbai Royal Institute of Sciences
Four men in tropical uniform standing in the middle of a street in front of the Mumbai Royal Institute of Science. They each have a camera. Bert Allen is on the right. To their left are two civilian men in turbans.

Bert Allen in the wilderness
A man, in tropical uniform, is squatting in front of a cactus bush. In the background a featureless, desert-like landscape extends to the horizon. On the reverse, 'me, a cactus bush and the wilderness of India!!' and, 'Taken outside camp', and, 'Oct…

Bert Allen sunbathing at Mauripur
A man wearing only white shorts, dark socks and white shoes is sunbathing in a chair outside a brick and concrete building with pillars. On the reverse, 'I was just about to sneeze when Eddie took this one Glad. But his shadow spoils this one', and ,…

Bert Allen at RAF Mauripur
A full-length photograph of a man in uniform fatigues, with sergeant's stripes. He has his hands in his pockets, and is not wearing a cap. He is standing in a large open space, with a pond behind and to his right. In the background can be seen a…

Man lying on steps
A man wearing only a pair of dark shorts is laying at the top of some steps with his back leaning against a pillar. He is looking at the camera.

Two men at the seaside; Eric and Me
Three-quarter length portrait of two men in civilian summer clothes, with hands in their pockets, standing on a pier or promenade, with the sea behind. A man and a boy are walking out of shot to the left. On the reverse a rough outline pencil…

Two men and a seated woman
A woman in a summer dress, seated in a garden, with two men standing behind her in a casual pose. One man is smoking a pipe, the other has a cigarette and is leaning on the back of the chair. Another chair can be seen to the left of the group. On the…

Man behind the wheel
Head and shoulders image of a man in civilian clothes sat behind the wheel of an open-topped vehicle. He is half turned, looking over his left shoulder at the camera, and smiling. His back is supported by a wooden board. There are grab-handles…

Woman with ball
Full length portrait of a woman sitting in a metal-framed chair, in a garden with her back to wooden building. She is wearing a trouser suit, and has a child's ball in her lap. To her left can be seen part of a pushchair.

Two men on a bridge
Three-quarter length photograph of two men in civilian clothes, laughing, sitting on the parapet of a bridge over a river. In the background rowers can be seen on the river, with a large building on a rise overlooking the scene.

Woman and baby
Full length portrait of woman in a print dress, seated in a garden, holding a baby on her knees.

Bert Allen
Head and shoulders portrait of Bert Allen in sergeant's uniform with air gunner's brevet, mounted on card. Inscription reads, 'all my love Darling, Bert, xxxxx'. The frame has the words, 'Dubarry Studios, Birmingham'.

'Ops' with the Howard Crew
Two photographs and one reverse. One shows seven aircrew posed underneath their aircraft. Four are standing behind, with two on one knee in the front row, on a tarpaulin, and the pilot sat cross-legged in the middle. They are on a dispersal. Airfield…

Three aircrew sergeants
Half length portrait of three airmen in sergeant's uniform, two with air gunner brevets, one with air signaller brevet. They are grouped overlapping one another, and facing the camera. Bert Allen is on the left. On the reverse, 'Sgt Billany, R.G.,…

Bert Allen's Wedding party
Three formal photographs of wedding party, two from the same negative, consisting bride and groom, three bridesmaids, and six others; two men in uniform, two men in suits with a button-hole, and two women wearing corsages. The bride and bridesmaids…

Reconnaissance photograph, post bombing, of Brux industrial plant, Czechoslavakia
Reconnaissance photograph of heavily industrialised area. Approximately one third of the area is obscured by cloud. There is considerable cratering across the area, and extensive damage to the industrial buildings and railway is visible. Caption in…

Reconnaissance photograph of a small town in an agricultural location. A river is winding through the left hand side of the photograph, and a road runs top to bottom. Between the road and the river is a railway line. Several trains can be seen in a…
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