Clodd, Leslie


Clodd, Leslie
Leslie Clodd
L Clodd


Eight items. The collection consists of photographs, medals, national insurance and service documents for Corporal Leslie George Thomas Clodd (b. 1922, 1219816 Royal Air Force). He served in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve as ground personnel between 19 March 1941 and 27 September 1946. The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Ann Rowlett and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Clodd, LGT

Collection Items

Certified copy of attestation
Leslie Clodd's certified copy of attestation.

30 ground personnel in front of Lancaster
30 ground personnel wearing tunic and side caps in four rows. Front row seated on chairs back three rows standing on benches. In the background a part of a Lancaster showing front of fuselage and inboard engines. On the reverse 'Dad Leslie Clodd, Top…

69 ground personnel in front of a Lancaster
69 ground personnel in four rows. All are wearing tunics and most wear side caps. In the background is a Lancaster. The head of another man can be seen in the bomb aimer's position. On the reverse 'Dad Leslie Clodd third row down second from right'.

Leslie Clodd's Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-1945
Defence medal, War Medal 1939-1945 ribbon; notification slip and envelope.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Notice to recruit to rejoin for service
Notice for Leslie Clodd to join for service on 19 March 1941 at No 9 Reception Centre Blackpool.

Leslie Clodd's service and release book
Service in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (19 March 1941 to 27 September 1946), then released as class A. Statement of aptitudes and qualities 'Good all round tradesman, shows aptitude for the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.'

Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance contributions record and notes
52 contributions made in the period 1 September 1958 to 6 September 1959.

Record of educational and vocational training
Corporal Leslie Clodd enrolled on 16 November 45 at RAF Mepal and that he had undertaken a course 'Motor Engineering at Robinson's garage, Cambridge'. Contains a record of monthly progress reports.
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