Catty, Martin Arthur. Gee charts


Catty, Martin Arthur. Gee charts


Nine items. Miniature Lattice Chart book containing charts for Great Britain and the surrounding seas.


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Collection Items

Covers of Miniature Lattice Chart Book
A chart book containing Gee charts

North Atlantic
Gee chain chart covering west of Scotland, North of Ireland and the North Atlantic

North Sea
Gee chain covering the Southern North Sea, East Britain, South Norway and Denmark.

DA/5090 Transport
Annotation on the reverse of a chart

Fishguard-Le Havre
Gee chain chart, sheet 1 covering the south of England and Wales and the very north of France.

Middlesborough-Den Helder
Gee chain chart, sheet 1 covering East England and West Netherlands

Oxford-St Quentin
Gee chain chart, sheet 3 covering the English Channel, North France, Belgium.

Gee chain chart Sheet 6 covering west England, Wales and East Ireland

Gee chain chart for South Western Chain Sheet 1
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