Smith, Walter John


Smith, Walter John
W J Smith
Wally Smith


22 Items. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant Walter John Smith (1141900, Royal Air Force) and contains his log book and photographs. He flew 51 operations as a flight engineer with 12 and 463 Squadrons.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Andy Smith and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Smith, WJ

Collection Items

Seven Airmen including Walter Smith
A group of seven airmen with Walter Smith standing at the extreme left at the back. Bill Radford is seated in the centre. Behind are RAF buildings.

Squadron Leader Bill Radford
Full length portrait of Bill Radford standing in front of his Lancaster. Handwritten on the reverse is '2of 7 PD330 Squardon Leader Bill Radford taken in front of his Lancaster at the conclusion of his 2nd Tour of Operations. Somewhere in England…

Walter Smith and his bride
Walter and his bride on their wedding day. He is in his RAF uniform and she is wearing a long white dress and is carrying a floral bouquet.

Walter Smith and two airmen
Three airmen positioned in front of a saloon car. On the reverse 'L-R F/O WH Smith'. Walter is on the left.

Walter Smith on a motorbike
Walter Smith in civilian clothes on a modified Norton Model 20, registration GW5127. He is holding a cat. Behind is a garden and the side of a house.

Airman on motorbike
An airman sitting on a Norton motorbike, registration BTD451. Behind is a concrete building. It is annotated 'Jerry (C.B.)'.

An airman standing in front of a two storey house. It is annotated 'The Boss ???'

Walter Smith
Sergeant Walter Smith, in uniform, seated on a Norton motorbike holding a small dog. The registration of the bike is BDT451. It is annotated 'Wal & Jock 1943'.

Sergeant Walter Smith
Head and shoulders portrait of Walter Smith. His uniform has an air gunner brevet.

Riley Kestrel saloon car
A Riley Kestrel saloon car with a soft top and blackout headlights, registration KV5486. Behind is a garage and a fence.

Identification kindly provide by Joao De Recevoar and Wayne Kennerley.

Walter Smith
Half length portrait of Walter Smith in RAF uniform.

Six airmen
Six airmen in two rows, sitting on the grass in front of a concrete building.

26 airmen
26 airmen arranged in three rows in front of a concrete hut.

Two airmen
Two airmen standing in uniform with their hands in their pockets. On the reverse is handwritten -
'L Dos Sullivan A
R Bill Radford B
10 Oct '44'.

Airman and a woman
Full length portrait of an airman with a woman. He is wearing an RAF uniform and she is a civilian. They are standing in a garden.

Wedding portrait
Bride, groom, three bridesmaids, bestman and father of the bride. The groom and bestman are in RAF uniform.

A head and shoulders portrait of a woman. It is annotated 'Always Your Irene x x x'. On the reverse are handwritten names and addresses, signatures and telephone numbers.

A side view of a Lancaster on the ground. Behind are access stands.

Eight Airmen
A group of eight airmen, the front row seated , the four at the back standing. It is annotated '2nd Tour Crew 1944-45. Celebrating End of 51st Ops.& Tour Horse & Jockey, Waddington'.

Screen Instructors C.B. 1944
A group of four airmen, one sitting on a a civilian BSA motorcycle. Behind are Nissen huts. It is annotated 'Screen Instructors C.B. 1944'.

Circular Slide Rule
A homemade circular scale rule for calculating True Horse Power. On one side is a worked example complete with crossing outs and on the other are the different inputs required. The marker needles are missing.

Walter John Smith’s navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for Walter John Smith, flight engineer, covering the period from 22 April 1943 to 7 March 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Lindholme,…
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