Gibbon, Homfray Reece


Gibbon, Homfray Reece
H R Gibbon


Five items. The collection concerns Sergeant Homfray Reece Gibbon (191944, 1817726 Royal Air Force), an airgunner with 166 Squadron who was killed 29 January 1944 returning to RAF Kirmington following an operation to Berlin. The collection contains five photographs of aircrews and individual airmen.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Terence Gibbon and catalogued by Peter Adams.

Additional information on Homfray Reece Gibbon is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Collection Items

Aircrew in front of Lancaster
Seven aircrew, six standing, one seated, in front of Lancaster, V, on an airfield dispersal. All the men are in flying suits and boots. Behind the crew, under the aircraft, can be seen one other man in uniform. Nose art with head and shoulders of a…

Head and shoulder studio portrait of a pilot, smiling. He is half turned to the right, with head facing the camera. A pilot's brevet is visible.

Alan Ramsbottom
Head and shoulder studio portrait of Alan Ramsbottom, in uniform. On the reverse 'Alan Ramsbottom, Sergeant 1482867, Air Gunner 57 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Died Tuesday 20th March 1945, Age 22'.

Homfray Reece Gibbon
Head and shoulder studio portrait of Homfray Reece Gibbon, in uniform, showing air gunner brevet and sergeant stripes. On the reverse 'Homfrey Reece Gibbon, Sergeant 1817726, Air Gunner?, 166 Sqdn, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Died Saturday…

Aircrew with bomb trolley in front of Lancaster
Seven aircrew, six seated on bomb trolley, with pilot standing, in front of Lancaster, E, parked on dispersal. All aircrew wearing flight suits. Some are wearing Mae Wests.
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