Bailey, Ronald Hartley


Bailey, Ronald Hartley
R H Bailey


14 Items. The collection concerns Ronald Hartley Bailey (b.1925) and includes his log book, photographs including three of aircrew working inside a Stirling, two service caps and an unofficial Bomber Command Medal. He flew a tour of 35 operations as a flight engineer with 425 Squadron from RAF Tholthorpe.

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Bailey, RH

Collection Items

Ronald Bailey's cap
A peaked cap issued to Ronald Bailey when he served in the RAF.

Ronald Bailey's side cap
A side cap issued to Ronald Bailey

Unofficial Bomber Command Medal
A commemorative medal for airmen who served in Bomber Command. Both sides of the medal are shown together with a label describing the medal and giving address of the distributor.

The nose of a Halifax bomber. It has a code 'S' on the undercarriage flap. There is nose art of a figure. The aircraft has chocks under the main wheels. On the reverse is 'Ronald Bailey'.

Eight airmen
Eight airmen arranged in two rows in front of a Halifax. The letter S is visible on the landing gear. One airman is wearing a Mae West. On the reverse 'Ronald Bailey'.

Six airmen
A group of six airmen including Ronald Bailey. Four are standing, two seated. Behind is a brick building and a telegraph pole. One the reverse 'Ronald Bailey'.

Ronald Bailey
A half length portrait of Ronald Bailey in uniform with a flight engineer's brevet. He is holding his cap. On the reverse 'Ronald Bailey'.

12 airmen
12 airmen arranged in two rows. Most are wearing gloves and greatcoats. Photograph taken inside building with visible metal roof girders. Three buckets in foreground.

Three wise monkeys
Three airmen in tropical uniform sitting in front of a cage. One holding his ears, the middle with hands over his eyes and the third with his hands covering his mouth. On the reverse 'Three Wise Monkeys. Cliff. Me. Allan.' There are scribbles and…

Ronald Bailey on the beach
Photograph 1 is of Ronald Bailey standing on a beach. He is dressed in a shirt, tie and flannels.
Photograph 2 is of Ronald Bailey standing with two men in bathing trunks.In the background is a fourth man looking on.
Photograph 3 is of two men in…

Airman in an astrodome
An airman in an astrodome.

Stirling flight engineer at work
An airman taking notes on a pad.

Stirling cockpit
The cockpit of a Stirling viewed from slightly aft.

Ronald Bailey's flying log book
Flying log book for Ronald Bailey, flight engineer, covering the period from 5 May 1944 to 26 October 1946. Detailing his flying training operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed at RAF Wombelton, RAF Tholthorpe, RAF Lissett, RAF…
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