Wylde, Herbert James


Wylde, Herbert James
H J Wylde


49 items. An oral history interview with Flight Lieutenant Herbert James Wylde (1922 - 2021, Royal Air Force) his log books, maps, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 90 Squadron.

The collection was catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Wylde, HJ

Collection Items

A vertical aerial photograph of Cardigan with River Teifi and Castle Street Bridge.

Identification kindly provided by Richard Evans of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Facebook group.

Jimmy Wylde and Wren
Two head and shoulders portrait, on the left Jimmy and on the right a Wren.

Bonn Hangelar Airfield
A vertical aerial photograph of Hangelar airfield, Bonn.

Jimmy Wylde
A head and shoulders portrait of Jimmy

Officers' Mess, Butterworth
A colonial building with a traditional veranda. On the left a tent. On the reverse 'Officers Mess
60 Staging Post

Jimmy Wylde
Jimmy, in tropical kit and shorts, sitting on a chair and smoking a cigar. He is wearing a garland of flowers round his neck.

Jimmy Wylde
A half length portrait of Jimmy. On the reverse 'H J Wylde (Jimmy)' and a photographer's stamp.

Jimmy Wylde and Crew
Jimmy in the cockpit of his Lancaster with six other crew standing around the port inner engine.

Jimmy Wylde and Crew
The seven airmen are standing under their Lancaster, wearing flying kit.

Elizabethan News
A newspaper published on the troopship enroute to North America.

Pilot's Flying Log Sheet
Jimmy's record of his first flights.

Jimmy Wylde's Officers Pay Book
AF (I) Form 64A issued to Jimmy with details of his pay.

Jimmy Wylde Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520C issued to Jimmy. It contains brief details of his service in the RAF

Jimmy Wylde Buying Permit
A permit allowing Jimmy to buy 3 utility furniture units.

H J Wylde's flying log book for aircrew other than pilot. Two
Flying log book for aircrew other than pilot for H J Wylde, bomb aimer, covering the period from 12 May 1943 to 12 July 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School…

H J Wylde's Royal Canadian Air Force pilot's flying log book. One
Pilots flying log book one, for H J Wylde, covering the period from 11 December 1942 to 19 April 1943. Detailing his flying training. He was stationed at 32 Elementary Flying Training School RCAF Bowden and 32 Servcie Flying Training School RCAF…

Jimmy Wylde and Crew
Jimmy Wylde and his crew arranged around the port inner engine of their Lancaster.

A target photograph taken on an operation at Cologne-Kalk. Bombs can be seen falling in lower right quadrant. Smoke is being emitted from near river bank top left. The River Rhine forms a curve from centre bottom to top left corner. Two bridges are…

Airmen Relaxing
Two photographs of airmen relaxing.
#1 is 18 airmen, some sunbathing without tops, some seated on grass, others standing. They are holding a flag and there is also a flag on a pole.
#2 is 16 airmen arranged in a line in front of a shooting target…

A vertical aerial photograph of Lincoln. The cathedral is marked with a circle.

Two photographs from an album.
#1 is a soldier wearing a medal.
#2 is a head and shoulders image of three wearing caps.

Khaki Airmen
Four photographs from an album.
#1 is three airmen in khaki and shorts.
#2 is five airmen in khaki and shorts.
#3 is ix airmen seated on steps, in khaki and shorts. They are wearing garlands of flowers round their necks.
#4 is five airmen leaning…

Six Airmen and 14 Sportsmen
Two photographs from an album.
#1 is six airmen in Sidcot suits standing in front of a hotel.
#2 is 14 men in sports gear and arranged in two rows. In the centre an officer is holding a cup.

Airmen Relaxing
Six photographs from an album.
#1 is a group of airmen and women lying on grass, with a picnic.
#2 is a Canadian hotel.
#3 is five airmen standing behind three women seated on the grass.
#4 is two airmen with a woman.
#5 is a church with a…

25 Airmen and Bolingbroke
25 men arranged in two rows in the snow in front of a Bolingbroke.
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