Tyler, Elizabeth Anne


Tyler, Elizabeth Anne
E A Tyler


Seven items. An oral history interview with Elizabeth Tyler (b.1952), five photographs and a postcard to Mrs Margaret Tyler,

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Elizabeth Tyler and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Tyler, EA

Collection Items

John Evans
An airman identified as John Evans ??? [sic], nephew of Margaret Pridmore at Manor Farm. He is dressed in a sidcot suit. A tent is visible in the distance.

Italian prisoner of war
Head and shoulders portrait of an Italian prisoner of war identified as Mario ???? [sic] from Ridlington prisoner of war camp who worked at Manor Farm, Pilton during the war.

Margaret Tyler on a tractor, binding
Margaret Tyler, nee Pridmore on a tractor, using binding machine.

Margaret Tyler on  a tractor with a prisoner of war
Margaret Tyler (nee Pridmore) and Chris Musial drilling at Manor Farm, Pilton, Rutland.

Margaret Pridmore and German POW
Chris Musial, German prisoner of war and Margaret Pridmore, riddling potatoes. Manor farm, Pilton, Rutland.

Postcard to Mrs Pridmore from Pilot Office T G Wilson
A postcard to Mrs Pridmore from Pilot Officer Graham Wilson, a prisoner of war. He talks of the weather and missing being in England.

Elizabeth Anne Tyler talks about her family’s farmland, its history and when it was purchased by the Air Force for the construction of RAF North Luffenham. Mentions various episodes of wartime life around Edith Weston, as reported by family members…
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