Trueman, Kenneth William


Trueman, Kenneth William
K W Trueman


An oral history interview with Flight Lieutenant Kenneth Trueman (b. 1922, 1217929, 1455835 Royal Air Force). He flew operatoinsa as a navigator with 640 Squadron until his aircraft MZ855, was shot down near the village of Laloux in Belgium after an Operation to Russleheim 13 August 1944. The Pilot Flying Officer Dennis Barr and the rear gunner Sergeant Basil Orrick were killed and the gunner Sergeant Alfred Broddle was taken prisoner. The other four members of the crew, including Ken, escaped and were given shelter by the resistance until they were smuggled out and back to the UK in February 1945.

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Trueman, KW

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Kenneth Trueman was working as a carpenter before he volunteered for the RAF and trained as a navigator in South Africa He flew operations with 640 Squadron. On their twenty fifth operation his aircraft was attacked by a night fighter. He baled out…
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