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Milling, Edward
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20 Items. The collection concerns Sergeant Edward Milling DFM (656624 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, correspondence, newspaper cuttings and four photographs. Edward Milling was a navigator with 103 and 166 Squadrons at RAF Elsham Wolds and RAF Kirmington. He was killed 27/28 September 1943 when his Lancaster crashed in Germany while on an operation to Hannover.

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Milling, E

Collection Items

Edward Milling's observer's and air gunner's flying log book
Log book for Sergeant Edward Milling from 16 August 1942 to 27 September 1943. Navigator Sergeant E Milling was stationed with 103 Squadron at RAF Elsham Wolds, and 166 Squadron at RAF Kirmington, where he flew Lancasters. The log book details 27…

List of decorations awarded to Edward Milling
List of decorations with those awarded to Edward Milling marked with a cross.

Letter to Mrs E Milling from Reginald Twamley
Letter to Mrs E Milling from a wing commander saying that her husband was part of an experienced crew and hoping that they may have escaped from the aircraft. He offers his personal sympathy.

Letter to Mrs E Milling from the Royal Air Force Record Office
Record Office letter to Mrs E Milling forwarding the citation from the London Gazette 'relative to the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal to your late husband'.

Invitation to Buckingham Palace
Invitation to E Milling to attend at Buckingham Palace on 14 May 1946 to receive the Distinguished Flying Medal awarded to her late husband.

Letter to Mrs E Milling from the Air Ministry
Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs E Milling informing her that her husband’s grave has been found in a German cemetery but it and two others are marked collectively with the names and service particulars of three of the crew who could not be…

Letter to Mrs E. Milling from the director of personal services
Letter from Air Ministry Casualties Board to Mrs E. Milling informing her that all efforts to trace her husband Sergeant Edward Milling had been unsuccessful and that there was now little hope of his being alive.

Letter of condolence to Mrs Milling from Mary and Carl
Letter of condolence to Mrs Milling whose husband had been reported as missing during an operation over enemy territory.

Beeston airman believed killed
Sergeant Edward Milling's wife has been informed that his husband is believed to have been killed over Germany. Details of his peacetime employment are provided.

Obituaries of Edward Milling
First obituary in memory of “my dear husband Fred” from “loving wife and baby Brenda”; second from his parents and his brother John.

Letter to Mrs E Milling from M T Derbyshire
Notification that Flight Sergeant Edward Milling has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal, with citation.

Notification that Edward Milling is reported missing
Official notification that Sergeant Edward Milling is reported missing on the night of 27/28 September 1943.

Letter to Mrs Miller from Alan Robson
Alan Robson writes to Mrs Miller from M.- Stammlager 1X A telling her he flew with her son Teddy and expects her to hear bad news.

Letter to Mrs Milling from the director of personal services
Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs Milling, the wife of Sergeant Edward Milling. His aircraft was reported missing over enemy territory. The results of enquiries made by the International Red Cross to ascertain the location of Sergeant Milling has…

Letter to his wife from Edward Milling
Letter from Sergeant Edward Milling to his wife to be sent in the event of his death. Edward urges his wife to remain strong in the face of adversity, remembers the happy time they had together, and expresses his love and devotion for her and their…

Distinguished Flying Medal
Distinguished Flying Medal awarded to Edward Milling.

Four off duty airmen round a table
Four airmen, three seated, round a table in a hut, holding and drinking from pint tankards; one is a pilot, two are observers and one an air gunner. On the windowsill in the background are enamel jugs and mugs. On the reverse 'Ted' with a large…

Seven airmen in front of a Lancaster
Seven airmen, three kneeling in front of four standing, beneath the nose of a Lancaster coded 'S'. The bomb doors are open and there is a ladder to the rear door. In the background are buildings and a water-tower. On the reverse 'H. Ackroyd, C.R.…

Aircrew and ground personnel with a Lancaster
Aircrew and ground crew stand in front of and on a Lancaster, which has the letter 'S', a cartoon of walking person on the port nose plus a bomb log of 24 operations, three of which are ice-cream cones. There is also a beer tankard. Some crew sit on…

Group of airmen in front of a gate
Five airmen with aircrew brevets stand in front of a five-barred gate in the country, with bare trees and hedges in the background. Three wear tunics, two battledress and none wear caps.
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