Schneider, Tim


Schneider, Tim
Tony Schneider
T Schneider


Five items. An oral history interview with Tony Schneider (1931) his identity card and three photographs. He lived on the flightpath to RAF Westcott and witnessed a Lancaster crash.
The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Tim Schneider and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Schneider, T

Collection Items

Bride and Groom
A bride holding her floral bouquet standing beside her groom at the entrance to a church.

A man, woman and two children
The man and woman are seated. The girl is standing beside her father and the boy is sitting on the woman's knee.

Fancy Dress Party
A group of eight adults and eight children dressed in fancy dress. They are standing in a garden in front of a house.

Tim Schneider's Identity Card
An Identity card issued to Tony Schneider

Interview with Tim Schneider
Tim Schneider lived at Westcott before, during and after the construction and occupation of RAF Westcott as 11 Operational Training Unit. He tells of feeding the rabbits when he was four years old; leaving school at fourteen to help working on the…
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