Price, Fay


Price, Fay
F Price


Eight items. An oral history interview with Fay Price, photographs and documents.
The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Fay Price and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

Interview and copies of documents and photographs




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Price, F

Collection Items

Lynton cottage
A cottage called Lynton in Brigsley, Waltham. Handwritten is an annotation 'The garden where I waited all night in vain for him to come back from Berlin. We both knew he would do it!'

Lancaster Crew
Three photographs annotated with individual crew names.
Photo 1 is seven airmen arranged in two rows in front of the tail of a Lancaster.
Photo 2 is one airmen posing in front of the tail turret. He is holding onto two guns.
Photo 3 is one airman…

Six airmen
The six airmen are arranged in two rows with the front row being seated. Behind are nissen huts. It is captioned -
'N.11. Boxall. N.11 Clayton. N.11.Watts.
Flg. Off. Gillette. Flt. Lt. Haines. Flt.Lt. Bray.
LEC/GA/119 2 Feb 1950 No 29 BI Course'.

Airman and Lincoln
An airman is khaki uniform with shorts is standing in a desert location. Behind is a Lincoln.

Five airmen in tropical uniform
Five airmen in various states of dress, but all in some form of khaki uniform. A handwritten note states 'To Jack Clayton with best wishes & not a little gratitude for the not so distant past Compton Benette'

Four dance tickets in the name of P Kendall
Four invitations to four different dances at four Lincolnshire airfields, RAF Binbrook, North Cotes, Grimsby and USAAF Goxhill.

Letter to Mrs Winden
One page of a letter to Mrs Winden regarding an aircrew member, Allan. It describes the events that led to their aircraft being shot down 20 miles south east of Berlin. Further page or pages are missing.

Fay Price was nine at the outbreak of the Second World War living in Grimsby. A twin, they were the youngest of six siblings. Her memory of the start of the war was the ending of birthday parties. Her father was a fish merchant and was able to…
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