Williams, Vivian


Williams, Vivian
V D Williams
Vivian David Williams


Two items. An oral history interview with Vivian Williams (b. 1920, 616291 Royal Air Force) and one photograph. Vivian Williams served a a fitter with 56 Squadron at RAF North Weald and various training units.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Vivian Williams and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Williams, VD

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Vivian Williams was born in Wales but began working in engineering in London. After serving in the Territorial Army in a searchlight unit, he volunteered for Air Force and trained as a flight mechanic. He discusses his recruitment, training and…

Vivian Williams and Ronnie
Vivian Williams as a leading aircraftman with good conduct stripe on his left sleeve sitting on a step in front of a door. Next to him is a boy in a sailor suit who has one hand on Vivian’s shoulder and another holding up a wooden toy Thompson…
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