Bomb aimers notes



Bomb aimers notes


Headed 'Western' details marking and aiming points, target illumination, broadcasts wind and main force bombing instruction. Headed 'Eastern'. Details marking point, action by selected crews, target illumination, Mosquito marking, action if inaccurate marking and bombing instructions.




Two pages handwritten notes


IBCC Digital Archive


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[Underlined] Western [/underlined]

1. Marking point is 3583 yds 264°T from King fish.

2. Aiming point is 3283 yds 264°T from King fish

3. Target illuminated by flares and marking point marked with R.S.F. dropped visually by Mosquitoes. 2 first (assessed). backed up by 2 more.

4. As soon as possible after H. the controller [deleted] will [/deleted] broadcast a vectored wind which will cause bombs aimed at the M.P. to straddle the A.P.

5. Main Force crews are to aim centre of stick at R.S.F. using Fake wind vector.

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[Underlined] Eastern [/underlined]

[Underlined] Marking [/underlined]

1. M.P. is 1333 yds 287°T from King fish

2. Selected crews will drop Red T.I.s on the centre of town, at H-10 these will be backed up by further Red T.I.s.

3. Target illuminated at H-9. H-7. H-5.

4. As soon as possible after H-9 Mosquitoes will visually mk M.P. with Green TIs.

5. If the M.P. is not marked accurately by H-2, the controller will order Mosquitoes to back up Red T.Is.

The controller will order Main Force.

(a) Attack Green as planned
[Underlined] (b) Attack Greens & Reds direct [/underlined]

Main Force are to aim the centre bomb at the Green T.Is. delaying release of bombs.


“Bomb aimers notes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 1, 2022,

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