Bomb aimers briefing 21 October 1944



Bomb aimers briefing 21 October 1944


Shows two bomb loads. Details preselection settings, weights, Window and some timings. Struck through in green and annotated 'Cancelled'. On the reverse; timings, marking plan and bombing instructions. Included extra notes on freezing level and visibility.



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Two sides front form document partially filled in on the reverse handwritten


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DATE 21-10-44

[Diagonally across page] Cancelled


[Table of bomb loads]

PETROL. 1450. 1450.


T.V. 1000 1000

BOMB WEIGHT 10980. 13,624.

[Table of All Up Weights]

[Table of Preselect] SBC’s Basic delay 10 secs. [Underlined] Clusters [/underlined] Basic delay 4 secs.

[Table of aircraft heights]

ZERO. 2030

WINDOWS. 15 light 9 heavy

TIME TO TARGET. 3hrs 58000 61000 TARGET A.U.W.

[Page break]

Sector. Overshoot. T.O.T.

277-338. 11 secs. H+2 – H+4

[Underlined] Supporting 44. 207 & 106. [/underlined] – H-12 – H-6. Turn Port

Heights. 18,250-19000’ 15,750-16,750.

277 to 307 –
308 to 338

2 Marking PT.

5 Mosq. on each

Southern Marking Point – [underlined] Reds – TOWN. [/underlined]

Northern Marking Point – Greens – 53 base only.

Flares H-11 + 1000lb Yellow TI’s + [boxed] W [/boxed] flares + 4 L D bombs.
Only 2 yellow TI’s.
H-9. Blind flare force illuminate Δ area
H-7 Aiming visually at yellow TI’s
H-5 Supporting flares.
H-2 4 blind markers prepare to drop [boxed] W [/boxed] if controller decides.

Sky, sky, sky for [boxed] W [/boxed] will commence at H-2 as above.
If [boxed] W [/boxed] no flares. Zero wind.

[Underlined] Red [/underlined] If by H-2 Mosq. not marked the marking point most accurate Yellows will be backed up by the Reds.

[Deleted] If northern mar [/deleted] May be backed up also by Green if Northern Δ cannot be marked.

[Boxed] W [/boxed] Heading __ [Underlined] Colours [/underlined] Red with Green stars.

If town A.PT not marked, bomb yellows.

{ Bomb Reds as planned.
{ Bomb Reds direct.
{ Bomb Yellows direct.

Freezing level 6000’ Good chance of low cloud breaking up over Δ area. – 2000’
Medium cloud should be less than half cover over 12,000’
Visibility at Δ 4-6 miles.

Fly out low. Nav lights.

Bombing wind H-7. -5 winds.


“Bomb aimers briefing 21 October 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed August 11, 2022,

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