Bomb aimers briefing 22 November 1944 - Trondheim



Bomb aimers briefing 22 November 1944 - Trondheim


Shows three bomb loads for operation. Includes weights, Window details bombing heights and track. At the bottom a weight calculation. On the reverse Route and target marking details. Notes on wind broadcasts and warnings.



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Two sides form document partially filled in front and handwritten on reverse


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DATE 22.11.44 [Underline] TRONDJEIM [/underlined]

A. B. C.

[Table of bomb loads]

PETROL 2154 2154 2154

DISTRIBUTOR .15 .15 .15

T.V. – 1660. 1380 1660

BOMB WEIGHT 8354 8560 8472

[Table of All Up Weights]

[Table of Preselect]

ZERO. 2100. 0630 H+5 H+10

WINDOWS. 10 new + 3 old – 155lbs 12 old 60lbs.

BOMBING HEIGHTS. 9-12,000’ BOMBING [deleted] HEADING [/deleted] Track 240°T.


[Page break]

[Underlined] Marking [/underlined]

Flares – H- [deleted] HF [/deleted] 9. 7.3.

H-11 TI. Green on centre of Δ by blind markers. Bursting 1500’ 5000’

[Underlined] Marking Point [/underlined] TI. Red. 35 mins.
assessed & backed up.

Cancel – Yellow TI.

[Underlined] Bombing [deleted] Hdg [/deleted] Track. [/underlined] 240 T.

[Underlined] Routemarker [/underlined] T.I. Yellow 6330N 1045E to assist crews on run up.

False bombing vector wind b’cast by V GP.

Orbitting Port.

W S & D may come over V.H.F.
W S & D found by Mosquitoes.
Reserve breeze force on Lancs.

On no account are crews to release bombs if they will fall to left of markers. Bring bombs back if necessary.

Nav. 1315
Capt. 1345
Main. 1415


“Bomb aimers briefing 22 November 1944 - Trondheim,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024,

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