Bomb aimers briefing 13 February 1944



Bomb aimers briefing 13 February 1944


Details of two bomb loads for operations on night 13 February 1944. Includes preselection settings, time delays, false height settings, Window and marking and bombing method. Marked 'Scrubbed 1630' in large red letters. On the reverse details of spoof attacks and flares.



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One page form document filled in.


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Date 13-2-44
[Inserted diagonally across centre of page ] [underlined] Scrubbed 1630 [/underlined][/Inserted]
[Inserted as part of Table of Bomb loads] X less 700 [/Inserted]
[Table of Bomb Loads and Preselect]
[Table of Aircraft Height]

Petrol. 1900/Y & S 1950. Time Off. Target Ht. 118’
Q.F.F. Windows. C D C - 60 miles. C. Nickels. NIL
Zero. 2100 Take Off. E.T.R.
Target. Weight Effort. 702 (146 HX) 300 bundles
Decoys Emergency Sightings L[symbol]


Method:- Y or S Wind finding taking off 1/2 earlier.

Mixed Para & Wanganui [Underlined] Routemarkers] [/Underlined] Green flares steady
Posn P 5515N-0830E
Q 5420N-1228E.

Attack opens TI red. Aim Pt. will then be marked with TI Green. In addition marked with bundles of flares Red + Green stars to mark release point throughout attack.
Main forces should aim at centre of all TI’s Green, otherwise at centre of Flares on exact heading of 215° M: [Deleted word] Zero wind.

Routemarker [Underlined] Red flares steady [/Underlined] R 5227N-II43E

[Page break]

[Underlined] MB [/Underlined] [underlined]1[/underlined] Spoof attack Frankfurt at Z-2 with Red & Green TI.
[underlined]2[/underlined] Spoof fighter flares NW target & NW Ressau.
[underlined]3[/underlined] Spoof Routemarker flares Green steady at S 5156N 1210E
“T” 5132N 0955E


“Bomb aimers briefing 13 February 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 20, 2024,

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