Application for an aeroplane girl mechanic



Application for an aeroplane girl mechanic


A list of 18 requirements and attributes a girl should posses to be a mechanic's girlfriend.





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The following is a list of the qualifications an airplane mechanics girl friend must possess to be satisfactory to her boy friend.
1. She must be neat, and trim and be built for speed and performance.
2. She must have twin magnetos with sensitive points, trim in appearance and firm in position.
3. She must allow him to use his feeler and check the points at any time he may feel it necessary to do so.
4. At lace inspection, all cowlings must be removed so that a thorough inspection can be made of all units.
5. Her cockpit must be neat in appearance and comfortably snug.
6. He will not at any time be required to wear a flying suit.
7. He will be the only one allowed to enter the cockpit.
8. Under no circumstances will another mechanic be permitted to test her magnetos or make a test hop.
9. She will be allowed a few days each month for cleaning and reconditioning.
10. There will be no looseness of the joy-stick socket, also the tail surfaces must respond readily to the slightest movement of the joy-stick.
11. He will not at any time find the engine cold, but warmed up before each hop.
12. She must be prepared for an emergency hop at any time.
13. She will assist him in entering the cockpit at all times.
14. She will notify him when a new supply of oil is needed.
15. The fur lining around the cockpit must be kept as low as possible.
16. Operation on cost must be kept as low as possible.
17. She will be rewarded for her ability to manoeuvre in any new movements that he may discover during test hops.
18. Above all there must be pleasure in every hop.
If you feel that you can give satisfaction under the above qualifications, please sign this form and return it as your application.
SIGNED …………………………………………………..
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In the garden of Eden stood Adam
Gazing across at his madam
Chuckling his mirth
‘cos he knew on this earth
There was only two balls and he had ‘em.

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“Application for an aeroplane girl mechanic,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2021,

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