50,000 of RAF's 110,000 Bomber men Died - Harris



50,000 of RAF's 110,000 Bomber men Died - Harris


Newspaper cutting reporting number of bomber command aircrew killed and comparing it to combined Army casualties from D-Day to the end of the war.




One newspaper cutting


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50,000 of RAF's 110,000 Bomber Men Died – Harris

OUT of 110,000 British bomber fliers, nearly 50,000 were killed in the war.

This was revealed to-day by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur ("Bomber") Harris, who is visiting Southern Rhodesia.

The fact that the combined losses of the British and Canadian Armies from D-day to the end of the war were less than 50,000 showed what these R.A.F. men had endured, he said.

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"The casualty rate, which those lads accepted – and accepted cheerfully – was greater than anything which I can find in history among a similar body of men over a similar period.

"Their sacrifice was not in vain, because they reduced Germany to utter chaos and helped to end the European war more quickly.

"Some people say bombing is brutal O.K., all war is brutal and senseless, but the fact remains that where I personally am concerned, I would much rather that ten Boches suffered than one of our people, and that has been my principle." Sir Arthur said. – Reuter.



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