Battle Order 431 Squadron



Battle Order 431 Squadron


A list of aircraft and aircrew for an operation on Mimoyecques - Pas de Calais. A handwritten annotation has the location of the attack and 'all returned'.

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[A list of aircraft and aircraft for a raid on Mimoyecques - Pas de Calais. A handwritten annotation has the location of the raid and 'all returned']
[aircraft No’s indecipherable]
1st Pilot / Tps : J87861 P/O S.P. Sorenson - 1
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : R178905 Sgt. J.L. Carveth
Air Bomber : R191042 Sgt. J.A. Fawnset
W/Operator : R101637 W/O2 I.E. Stewart
M/Upper Gunner : R103387 Sgt. Johnston
R/Gunner : R191161 Sgt. C.O. Garbutt
M/Under Gunner : [void]
F/Engineer : 1804717 Sgt. N.W. Larman
1st Pilot / Tps : J27291 F/O H.F. Williamson - 1
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : J29332 F/O G.W. Saunders
Air Bomber : J36891 F/O A.N. Mercer
W/Operator : J40211 P/O A.L. Mills
M/Upper Gunner : R211821 Sgt. W.J. Graham
R/Gunner : R218270 Sgt. W. Edworthy
M/Under Gunner : [void]
F/Engineer : 1398444 Sgt. D.A. Eldridge
1st Pilot / Tps : J27637 F/O Hagar - 1
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : J36942 F/O A.G. Kelly
Air Bomber : J37189 F/O H.W. MacKenzie
W/Operator : R205066 Sgt. W.H. Crooks
M/Upper Gunner : R258124 Sgt. R.D. Thornton
R/Gunner : J40554 P/O H.S. Ames
M/Under Gunner : [void]
F/Engineer : 1811093 Sgt. E. Pedrazzini
1st Pilot / Tps : J66649 F/O J.R. Lightbown - 4
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : J35919 P/O F.J. Kumsky
Air Bomber : J35095 P/O B.D. Stickles
W/Operator : R155742 Sgt. A.A. Crassan
M/Upper Gunner : R196927 Sgt. W.G. Weese
R/Gunner : R142454 Sgt. J. Wilkinson
M/Under Gunner : [void]
F/Engineer : 2201560 Sgt. W. Blythin
1st Pilot / Tps : R90139 G. Quinlan - 14
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : J36119 F/O T.D. Rowe
Air Bomber : R155980 F/S F.R. Young
W/Operator : R176878 Sgt. R.V. Currie
M/Upper Gunner : R119311 Sgt. G.R. Fralick
R/Gunner : R263727 Sgt. A.F. Gill
M/Under Gunner : [void]
F/Engineer : 1606700 Sgt. M.G. Gluo
1st Pilot / Tps : J25362 F/O Huchala - 6
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : R182216 f/s J. Armstrong
Air Bomber : J25510 F/O A. Ardrey
W/Operator : R113595 W/O1 H.I. Jardine
M/Upper Gunner : R198301 Sgt. C.E. Beck
R/Gunner : R201444 Sgt. M.S. Jowett
M/Under Gunner : [void]
F/Engineer : 1895957 Sgt. A.E. Garland
1st Pilot / Tps : J25995 F/O G.E. Kercher - 1
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : J13392 F/O P.T. Burch
Air Bomber : R193190 F/S K.R. West
W/Operator : R121547 W/O1 J.V. Dempsey
M/Upper Gunner : R215076 Sgt. T. Murison
R/Gunner : R210674 Sgt. W.H. Shea
M/Under Gunner : R271706 Sgt. T.R. Munro
F/Engineer : 1825577 Sgt. J.R.M. Perry
Note : The crews listed below are taking off from R.C.A.F. Station – Tholthorpe, Yorks.
1st Pilot / Tps : J87030 F/O H.C. McVicar - 26
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : C87693 P/O C.M. Browning
Air Bomber : R154130 W/O2 J.M. Meyer
W/Operator : R193136 F/S A.R. Carlisle
M/Upper Gunner : J87805 P/O J. Coates
R/Gunner : R53649 Sgt. A.C. Cleary
M/Under Gunner : [void]
F/Engineer : 1819456 Sgt. J.R. Stanier
1st Pilot / Tps : J22776 F/O R. Tonnellier - 11
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : R109267 F/S D.A. Shepherd
Air Bomber : J35079 F/O S.K. Hall
W/Operator : R125416 W/O1 G.M. Gladish
M/Upper Gunner : J41352 P/O W.R.B. Way
R/Gunner : J39044 F/O F.B. Mitchell
M/Under Gunner : [void]
F/Engineer : 644969 Sgt. E.W. Jeacock
1st Pilot / Tps : J16510 F/O B.M. Kaplansky - 1
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : J36327 F/O F.R. Siddall
Air Bomber : R139428 W/O1 A.A. Low
W/Operator : R122107 W/O1 R.G. Waddell
M/Upper Gunner : R250686 Sgt. W.F. Atherley
R/Gunner : R224884 Sgt. D.E. Gwynne-Vaughan
M/Under Gunner : R274951 Sgt. J.D. Griffin
F/Engineer : 1092454 Sgt. E.R. Shaw
1st Pilot / Tps : J23880 F/O B.A. Mawhinney - 14
2nd Pilot / Tps : [void]
Navigator : J36374 P/O K.K. Davis
Air Bomber : R189717 F/S N.A. Francis
W/Operator : R197714 F/S H.R. Eiphardt
M/Upper Gunner : R218892 Sgt. K.F. Honey
R/Gunner : R91606 Sgt. J.A.W. Gurski
M/Under Gunner : R218043 Sgt. W.A. Kerns
F/Engineer : 1590770 Sgt. J.W. Thornton
MAIN BRIEFING : 15.30 hours
NAV. BRIEFING : 14.30 hours.
(R.M. Mickles) Flight Lt.
for Wing Commander Commanding,
No. 431 (RCAF) Squadron.



431 Squadron, “Battle Order 431 Squadron,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 9, 2022,

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