Henschel HS 127 and HS 128



Henschel HS 127 and HS 128


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HS 127 was a twin-engined bomber. Only two prototypes were built.
HS 128 was a twin-engined mid-wing monoplane.




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Henschel HS 127.

In the spring of 1936 three prototypes were ordered of this twin engine three seat bomber. The HS 127 was a low wing cantilever monoplane powered by two Daimler Benz DB 600 engines. There was a marked similarity of concept between the HS 127 & the Junkers 88, with the 88 being the preferred aircraft. Only two of the 127 prototypes were built, the contract then being cancelled.

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Henschel HS 128

The HS 128 was an experimental twin engine mid-wing monoplane with pressure cabin & fixed landing gear. It was the fore-runner of the HS 130.


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