Constructional works, Siracourt, day 25th June 1944, narrative



Constructional works, Siracourt, day 25th June 1944, narrative


States that squadron was detailed to attack third constructional site at Sirancourt just to the west of St Pol. One P-51, two Mosquitos and 17 Lancasters took off for attack. Reports clear weather and good target marking. Aircraft bombed visually to high standard. Two direct hits penetrated roof and one very near miss. Large explosion reported at 09:05. Reports intense accurate anti-aircraft fire and one aircraft hit.

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[underlined] CONSTRUCTIONAL WORKS, SIRACOURT. [/underlined]

[underlined] DAY 25TH. JUNE 1944. [/underlined]

[underlined] NARRATIVE. [/underlined]

The day following the successful attack on Wizernes the Squadron was detailed to carry out an attack on the third of the Constructional Works; that at Siracourt just to the West of the small town of St. Pol.

One Mustang, two Mosquitoes and seventeen Lancasters were detailed and took off in the early hours of the day 25th. June.

There was clear weather and good visibility over the target, which was marked with two red spot fires by the Force Leader in the Mustang. These markers were assessed as 200 yards 040° from the Aiming Point, and although the Lancasters were able to bomb visually the markers proved of great assistance to the Bomb Aimers on theIr run up to the target.

The bombing was up to the usual high standard and there were at least two direct hits, one of which penetrated the concrete roof of the Main Building and blew in part of the North West wall. There was also one very near miss and a further six bombs within 100 yards. A very large explosion occurred at 0905 hours and appeared to come from the Southern end of the Main Building.

Intense and accurate heavy flak was encountered over the target and F/O. Lee's aircraft was hit. He had made three runs over the Aiming Point but the bomb failed to release and was eventually jettisoned in the sea on the return journey.



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