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Denys Sinclair in uniform and his bride in a white dress holding a bouquet are standing in between their parents. Bagpiper airmen and a pilot are behind them.
On the reverse 'Denys and Nancy (Street) Sinclair Far Rt Sir Arthur Street.'

Norman Sinclair in pilots uniform.

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Eric Sinclair in uniform and his wife wearing a coat and hat walking holding the hands of a child in a kilt between them.

Eric Sinclair in pilot uniform

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48 airmen in four rows in front of a building. On the reverse their names. Eric Sinclair is far right on the front row.


Four photographs of Dour Arrowsmith.
Two in sergeants uniform and two as an officer with medal ribbons.

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Doug Arrowsmith leaning from the cockpit of a Lancaster.
Below the cockpit the nose art is of a dog 'Snifter' that has just urinated on a swastika on an outline of Germany.

Reprinted from The Times 18 June 1940.
The fight with evil and my earthly mission fulfilled. Letter found amongst the personal belongings of a Royal Air Force pilot recently reported missing believed killed, to be sent to his mother if he were…

25 airmen arranged in two rows. Each man has had his name added.

Two photographs.
#1 Seven airmen, some leaning on the starboard nose of a B-24 Liberator. They are partly dressed in tropical kit.
On the reverse 'Grandad in the middle'. and ' Celone aerodrome (nr Foggia, Italy) 1944. (N for Nelly & Crew)'

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A half length portrait of an air gunner and a pilot. Both are sergeants and they are wearing tropical uniform. On the reverse is 'Grandad', '(That's me on the left!!)' and a lot of scribbles.

A full length portrait of HB Sproates and his father. HB Sproates is wearing a RAF greatcoat with sergeant stripes.
On the reverse 'Grandad with his Dad - your great Grandad. Sally your Great Great Grandad'. It is stamped '10 Mar 1942'.


Certificate for an operation to Modane showing a Lancaster with the names of Sergeant Woolley's crew and signed by Ralph Cochrane, AOC 5 Group.

A half length portrait of HB Sproates. On the reverse 'Grandad' and '14/3/42'.

Medal set belonging to Pilot Officer Michael Nalder Williams. 1939-1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, and War Medal 1939-1945.

Medal set belonging to Flight Sergeant Arthur Alfred Waller. 1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, and War Medal 1939-1945.

Medal set belonging to Harry Dawson (178722 Royal Air Force). 1939-1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, and War Medal 1939-1945. Includes his identity tags and a letter about the loss of Wellington Z9106.

Medal set belonging to Archibald Steele. 1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, War Medal 1939-1945, Defence Medal, and Canadian Volunteer Service Medal.

PInwardJL2304 2.jpg
Full length portrait of James in uniform in a garden. He is wearing his officer's cap and engineer's brevet.

A group of 90 men in uniform arranged in five rows. Twenty men sit with their arms and ankles crossed. A further 21 are in the next row. A further 21 stand behind with the remaining 8 at the back. The group are on grass in front of a single storey…


James Inward's engineers' brevet and medal ribbon strip with Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star (with sliver rosette), Africa Star (with silver rosette) and Defence medal.

A report of the assistance James gave to a fellow crew member leading to his being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during his first operation. Annotated '1944'.

Details of James assisting his crew mate whose oxygen tube had become detached and being frostbitten in the process. For these actions, on his first operation, James was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Annotated '1944'.

Detailed instructions provided to captains and flight engineers with hand written notes and underlining.

A small stuffed toy rabbit wearing a green top and brown dungarees. It was the mascot of Squadron Leader R E Millichap.
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