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RAF notebook. Contains notes on axis of aircraft, stability, heat, temperature, petrol, carburettors, fuels, thermal efficiency, electrics, physical laws, atmospheric pressures, ohms law, ignition, electromagnetic induction, power/weight ratio,…

Contains notes and diagrams on fuel tanks, control settings, aircraft engine systems, ignition, cooling systems, layout of Merlin and other flight data.

Petrol system notes and list of manual for various aircraft systems.

AF Notebook. Contains graph, lists of engine types, aircraft details, diagram of aircraft, notes and diagrams of fuel system, handling notes and procedures. Notes on equipment including dinghies and drills, pyrotechnics, emergency packs, automatic…

Reports arrival of paper and cigarettes. mentions taking exam and he will be able to get home for a leave. Continues next day, writes of taking exam that day and others in the future. Annotated 'Dennis last letter to me'.

Reports his arrival at Castle Kennedy and comments on the state of the camp. Mentions he should be home in a month after course complete.

Handwritten engineering notes recorded during training.

Second page has colour photograph of Arthur Hollis, wearing blazer with medals, standing in a field at an event. Narrative covers early life in Hornchurch and Carshalton including schooling and hospital admissions. Writes of Dulwich College studies…

Writes about his boxing match and playing rugby. Mentions weather, low temperatures and recent snow blizzard. Expresses that he is not impressed with Canada and has little news to report. Catches up with home news and reports that he is getting on…

Writes that he is settled at Woodbrook in South Africa and tells a little about his life and training.


Writes that he had arrived at Durban and went by train to East London. Mentions the uneventful sea journey and says he would start training soon.


Looking forward to Christmas and speculates on food. Catches up with family and other news and mail. Concludes with family banter.


Writes that he had not yet had any mail from them. Describes his Christmas and boxing day activities. At the end mentions he had just received mail.

Writes that he still had not received any mail from them. Describes new year celebrations and seeing a film and getting a lift back to camp.

Reports on mail received and catches up with family news. Hopes he will start his course soon.

Reports arrival of mail. Mentions that his flight are still waiting to start their course but rumours suggest they will start in a week. Catches up with family news and gossip.


Writes that they will be starting their course on Monday 25th. Writes of dates of future moves to new training schools. Mentions poor weather and playing snooker and table tennis.


Reports recent mail and catches up with family news. Writes that his flight have at last started training. His course would take 9 weeks and then he would move to another station. Writes about weather and sunburn.


Reports arrival of mail and writes about his training and Morse keying speed of 10 words per minutes. Mentions he has little spare time but goes to cinema once a week and plays snooker and table tennis. Continues with banter and gossip,

Reports arrival of mail and catches up with news of friends including one killed. Writes about grandfather being ill. Mentions he is getting on well on the course so far, three weeks gone and six to go. Catches up with other family news.


Writes of exam and a very enjoyable visit to the home of a local doctor for the day. Catches up on mail sent received. Was sad to have received bad news of a friend. Says he is getting on well with the course.


Writes of another pleasant day at the home of a local doctor. Says he has had a lot of mail recently but might be delayed in answering because he is working hard on the course with exams beginning is a weeks time.


Apologises for not writing but is was busy revising for upcoming exams. Mentions mail received and that he spent another pleasant weekend with local acquaintance.


Part 1. Writes that his lack of letters is due to studying hard for exams and says what will happen when they are completed. Says he has not had much mail from home either and suggest they use airgrams which are faster. Catches up with gossip.


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