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Ivan's training flash certificate.

First, David, left, with another man dressed in their flying suits, boots and gauntlets holding their flying helmets. They are standing outside wooden buildings with glazed windows.
Second, three men in uniform. David far right and the man on the…

John's notes recorded when he was an air cadet. It includes the Browning Gun, Sighting, the VGO Gun, the Reflector Sight, the Frazer Nash Turret and Boulton Paul turret.

Around 40 aircrew at Kimberley Hotel are formally seated at three tables with tablecloths, glasses, and cutlery. It is captioned 'Blackpool, 2nd right.

Additional information kindly provided by Graham Walton and Robert Leach of the Unidentified…


Course and their instructors posed in four rows in front of a row of houses. Captioned 'Passing out, 7th right back row'.


The recollections of Henry Sturrock of his time as a Flight Engineer flying in the Halifax with No 640 Squadron at Leconfield, he flew his first operation on 12 September 1944 and his last on 2 March 1945, he flew on 35 operations.
He also recounts…

Bill Siddle's time in the RAF pieced together by research. He was a pilot who flew the Lancaster with 9 and 83 Squadrons. He was commissioned in 1944, was awarded the DFC and Bar and completed more than 60 operations. He left the service in 1946 and…

Certificates issued to Bill Siddle for Pilot Training Advanced Flying and Instrument Flight during his training at Moody Field, Georgia in 1942.

Matthew Joseph Coe, standing second from right and four other men in training uniforms, standing on a bridge. Two airmen have jumpers on underneath their jackets.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better…


Matthew Joseph Coe standing in a Royal Australian Air Force training uniform holding a folding Kodak camera.

A head and shoulders portrait photograph of Matthew Joseph Coe in training. He can be seen wearing a Royal Australian Air Force uniform.

He has been playing sport and sitting exams.

A letter discussing a colleague, exams, a top secret jet, Morse tests and studying.

Flying log book for J F Mills, Navigator, covering the period from 20 September 1942 to 24 September 1950. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying with 1332 heavy conversion unit, 246 squadron, number 23 reserve flying…

Seven airmen standing at the rear of a Halifax. On the reverse each man is identified.

A head and shoulders portrait of Norman wearing a trainee's cap.
On the reverse 'Norman 1942 just joined RAFVR'.

Norman Long's log book as bomb aimer from 26 September 1943 until 21 June 1945. Trained at 48 and 42 Air Schools, 3 AFU, 30 OTU, 1662 HCU, 1 LFS before operational posting to 460 Squadron (RAAF). Served at RAF Hixon, RAF Blyton, RAF Hemswell, RAF…

A group of airmen in Royal Air Force uniforms. Airmen can be seen with various aircrew and pilot brevets above their left pockets. The photograph shows a RAF badge, the phrase "No. 22 Course A.C.O.S" and "A WING. I SQUADRON. C & D FLIGHT." Also…

A group of airmen outside a building on the pavement. On the reverse of the photograph is some handwriting reading "5D39 BLACKPOOL JULY 1941".


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