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Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Some target indicator streaks just below centre right of the photograph, with one small flare to the right of centre, which is arrowed. Captioned '5/B' and, '4141 BRN 4/5.3.45 //NT8"…

Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Some target indicator streaks appear in the bottom right corner of the photograph. Captioned '5/B' and, '4450 BRN 27/28.3.45//NT8" 21500 262 2128.30 Berlin A 3MC500DT 1M500LD C 37½ secs…

Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Some target indicator streaks are clustered toward the top left of the photograph, with others across the centre and lower half. One small flare is visible to the right of centre. Captioned…

Target photograph of Berlin. Half photograph is obscured by a bright light, nothing visible in other half. Captioned '5B', '67 SKELL.30/31.1.44.//NT. 5" 20,500 [arrow] 155° 2019 BERLIN. 1X4000 12X4 6X30 31SECS. F/O LITHERLAND. F.50'. [reverse not…

Target photograph of Berlin. Light streaks and bright spot top left, nothing else visible. Captioned '5B', 69 SKELL 30/31 1 44 //NT 8 23,300 [arrow] 154° 20.21 BERLIN T 1X4000. 12X4. 6X30. 31secs F/LT. RUSKELL J.50'. [reverse not scanned]

Target photograph of Berlin. Two light streaks, nothing else visible. Captioned '5B', '66 SKELL. 30/31.1.44.//NT. 5" 21,000 [arrow] 155° 2019 BERLIN. E. 1X400. 12X4. 6X30. 31secs. F/Lt. SHORTT. E. 50'.

Target photograph of Berlin. Completely obscured by smoke and dust. Captioned '5B', '57 SKELL 28/29.1.44//8" 22000 [arrow] 160° 0310 BERLIN P.1X4000+9X4+5X30 31SECS S/L MCLEOD. P 50'. [reverse not scanned]

Target photograph of Berlin. No detail visible, obscured by smoke/ haze. One light streak. Captioned '5B', '43 SKELL.27/28.1.44// NT 8" 22000' [arrow] 100° 2038 BERLIN. P. 1X4000. 9X4. 5X30. 31SECS.W/C HEWARD.P.50.'. On the reverse '[underlined] W/C…

Target photograph of Bourg Leopold. Very dark photograph, appears to be urban area, one light streak. Captioned '7B', 795 SKELL.11/12.5.44.//NT 8" 15000' [arrow] 183° 0023 BG LEOPOLD RD.T.1X4000.6X1000.8X500.26secsP/O MILLIKIN T.50'. On the reverse…

Target photograph of Bois - de - Cassan. Red dot centre left, bomb explosions and craters visible. River Oise just visible top left corner, mainly wooded rural area, roads and field patterns visible. Captioned '3[degreesF', '5B', '1610 SKELL 2.8.44…

Target photograph of Bois de Cassan. Red dot lower centre. River Oise, bomb craters, roads and field patterns all visible. Partially obscured by bomb explosions, smoke and dust. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '1877 SKELL.6.8.44.// 8" 14000 [arrow] 136°…

A vertical aerial photograph identified as Bois Desjardins. Much of the image is obscured by bright lights. Captioned '5691 BIN. 25/26-7-44 //NT(C) 8" 10.000' [arrow] 070° 0253 Bois Desjardins Y. 18x500. 19 secs. P/O. Lester. V 460'.

Target photograph of Bois-de- Cassan. Rural area, roads, woods, field patterns and houses clearly visible. Captioned '3°F', '4B', '1614 SKELL. 2.8.44 // 8" 16000' [arrow] 085° 1719 BOIS-DE-CASSAN RD.M.11X1000.4X500.C33secs.F/O. WHITE. M.61'. On the…

Vertical aerial photograph of Bologna. Field patterns are visible but the centre and lower portions of the image are obscured by bright lights, flares or anti-aircraft fire. Captioned 'A4 1943. FOG.12/13 Sept 44//NT F8 10300' [arrow] 265° 21.23…

Target photograph showing coast running bottom left to top right with sea to the right. In the centre a bomb explosion in the sea.

Top right - target photograph showing open countryside with many bomb explosions on the right.
Top right - a man on horseback wearing a cowboy hat. Trees and other horses in the background.
Middle left - man with no shirt sitting on thwart of a…

Top left - target photograph showing open countryside with many bomb craters.
Top right - Arthur Pearce in uniform holding hand of young child on the left. Another child is partly visible to the left of the photography. In the background a tree…

Top left - target photograph of three bombs falling towards cloud below.
Top right - target photograph showing clouds below.
Bottom left - air-to-air view of a Lancaster in distance.
Bottom middle - air to ground view of shoreline with bays and…

Photograph 1 is an air-to-air photograph of a Boston in flight, taken from above and to the front.
Photograph 2 is a vertical photograph of docks and coastline with Cherbourg behind. Captioned 'D.E.107 15-9-42.F8➝'
Photograph 3 and 4 are aerial…

Top aerial vertical photograph shows a Lancaster top centre going from left to right. Well below are clouds and bomb explosions. Four roads from right side converge under the left centre of cloud. Bottom aerial vertical photograph shows another…

A vertical aerial photograph showing multiple bombs being dropped. The ground is mostly obscured by cloud and explosions. A the bottom of the image are fields and buildings.

Target photograph of Bordeaux showing both banks of the River Garonne with submarine pens in docks. Northern districts are visible. Target area clear with no clouds. No bomb bursts seen. Captioned ‘3° F’, ‘5B’, ‘1918 SKELL. 11.8.44 // 8”…

Target photograph of Bordeaux. River Garonne running across bottom of photograph. Basins, docks, submarine pens, and industrial buildings clearly visible. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '1951 SKELL.11.8.44//8" 18000 [arrow] 010° 1635 BORDEAUX RD.D. 6X2000.…

Target photograph of Bordeaux. River Garonne from left to right in photograph, both banks clearly visible. Upper bank largely rural with some buildings following the roads. Lower bank more industrialised, piers visible. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '1991…
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