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Number 4. Reports arrival of anonymous parcels of tobacco and request she trace senders and thank them. Writes he is trying to play soccer once a week to keep fit.

Number 1. Writes that he is starting new numbering system, last was 59. Records letters and comments he has received and says books from Sweden are welcome. Writes they had outbreak of fleas and of effect on him. He has now recovered from illnesses…

Number 56. Thanks her for 200 cigarettes and has discovered the source of books sent although one was banned. He writes that he feels fitter as he has started playing football. He is anxious to hear her truthful thoughts of when she thinks he will…

Number 47. Still no letter from wife but her parcel has arrived. Has now got all the clothing required just needs socks. Thanks her for included rug for which he is very grateful and would like another if he is there for another winter. Mentions…

Number 44. Mentions no mail from her and nothing to report. Describes constructing ice rink for own barrack. Mention ice hockey rink monopolised by Canadians and Poles.

Number 43. Hopes he will get more letters from her. Mentions going to officers compound for show but with restrictions on speaking to anyone. Reports very cold weather but is able to keep small room warm even with small coal allowance. Mentions he…

Number 42. Complains of lack of mail. Life uneventful apart from cold weather. Writes about practising violin in latrine. Hoping for photographs of daughter Frances. Notes some prisoners have had optimistic letters. Mentions ice rinks but lack of…

Number [censored]. List letters that have arrived and mentions one from Swiss friend promising parcel soon. Food situation now better than it was in first month when there were no Red Cross parcels. [censured lines]. More about food and sport. Time…

Number 13. Writes that her letters 1-5 arrived. Says post could be delayed both ways and suggest she send one letter a week. Notes that ration cuts have been restored and regular Red Cross parcels arriving. Says he is now feeling much better and has…

Number 12. Notes her letters 1, 2, 3 and 5 arrived. Catches up with news of family/friends. Asks he to let him know if she has any problems getting his personal kit. Writes he will be playing soccer, feeling fit. Pleased Frances is making progress…

Writes he is very tired having had to put out fires all night and get up early. Describes daily routine. Complains he has had no letter from her for 5 days. States maths exam went well and now no more exams until end of course. Continues on 16/1/41…

Photo 1 is a group of Polish airmen marching along the promenade at Blackpool. In the background is Tussauds.
Photo 2 is a half length portrait of a civilian woman in a coat. She has an RAF badge and is wearing a head scarf.
Photo 3 is a person in…

Second of David Geach's diaries, describing his training for aircrew at Kingstown, Heaton Park, Hastings and Harrogate until his embarkation to Canada on the Queen Mary. Covers the period from 20 June 1942 to 7 October 1942.

Photo 1 is a snow plough tractor. Behind are wooden huts.

Photo 2 is inside a gym with two badminton courts and a stage. On the wall are winged air gunner and observer crests.

Photo 1 is nine airmen in gym kit standing outside a building. There is snow on the ground.

Photo 2 is 11 airmen in Sidcot suits and thick boots standing outside a building. Again there is snow on the ground.

The first issue of The Dafoe Digest, a magazine produced by No 5 Bombing and Gunnery School, Dafoe. Each section on the base has had a chance to write a short article about their activities.

Geoff Packham and his brother Peter partaking in motor bike and sidecar racing.

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A boxing match with two men and a referee.


A woman wearing dress on the right and a man in shirt and tie on the right playing table tennis in the back garden of a house. In the background a row of houses.


Five Group Newsletter, number 25, August 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about sports, engineering , war effort, gunnery, training, equipment, photography, gardening, war savings, second thoughts for pilots,…

Five Group Newsletter, number 24, July 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about second thoughts for pilots, gardening, war effort, signals, armament, war savings, navigation, radar navigation, navigation training,…

Tells of meeting land girl on train while returning from leave. Writes of games afternoon, played golf. Writes of changes to plans for next leave because has the 'fateful medical' the next day. Notes very good weather.

Begins with catching up with news from home. Mentions not much chance of leave but that he has had photograph taken of himself. Writes that Brighton is change from previous locations and describes activities. Went to see an ice hockey match between…
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