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Arthur Standivan's permission to ride one of the unit's motor-cycles.

Four members of Women’s Auxiliary Air Force sitting on the running board of a car. In front sitting on the ground are four airmen. In the background are houses. On the reverse 'M.T Section Cardington - Part Of, back row, Lynn Clark, - "Spooky"…

A large number of FV 1601 Humber 1 ton trucks. All have canvas tilt hoops but no tilt, and similar loads of large boxes. They are parked on a level space in open country, hills in back ground.

Photo 1 - the mess. There are tables and chairs in an A-framed building.

Photo 2 - a local waiter, dressed in white.

Photo 3 - an airman standing at the front of a small truck, outside a thatched-roofed building.

Photo 4 - a market…

Top left - from a hill looking down on a snaking road. Captioned 'Part of the road'. Top centre - a road with slope either side taken from the roof of a vehicle. Captioned 'View from ambulance of road'. Top right - road snaking from bottom right to…

Account of crew actions during take off and one particular time when aircraft ahead slewed when tire burst half way down the runway. Luckily they were able to get airborne and avoid the other aircraft.

Covers duties of M.T. officer, establishments, servicing and maintenance, supply, repairs, lights on service transport, markings on vehicle, licensing of vehicle, types of run, authority of runs: driving licenses, co-ordination of M.T., records to be…

Nine airmen, some wearing flying clothes and others having visible brevet, standing in a group behind a vehicle with open rear doors. In the background a single story hut.

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Nine airmen, four with Mae West and/or parachute harnesses, most with flying boots and one with flying suit standing in a group behind a vehicle with open rear doors. In the background a single story hut.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital…

Nine men, some obscured by others, three wearing Mae West/parachute harness including one with flying suit, one sitting in the rear of a vehicle with open rear doors and the others standing in a group behind the vehicle.

This item was sent to the…

A group photo of 40 men and women arranged in three rows flanked by MT vehicles.
Underneath each individual is named.

Instructions for a convoy of four sections of 30 vehicles and a fifth with the remaining vehicles. It details the route and where stops will be made.
There is a second copy.

23 men and women in front of and on two vehicles. On the reverse is a post it with EW=3R 2 row

Photograph 1 is of an airman standing beside a car.
Photograph 2 is of a group of airmen.
Photograph 3 is of a group of airmen and a woman.
Photograph 4 is of a pilot standing beside a car.
Photograph 5 is of a four airmen, two airwomen and two…

A line of lorries on a tarred road in the desert. On the reverse 'Our squadron transport moving up'.

Photograph 1 is of Reginald George Cavalier amongst several loaded bomb trolleys. In the background are trucks and aircraft.
Photographs 2 and 3 are of a group of airmen watching a 4000 lb bomb being lifted on slings. Captioned '1000 lb…

Top left - a road runs from bottom then curves left to a river bridge with buildings beyond. In the background, low hills. Captioned 'River Jordan at the border'. Top centre - two airmen in shorts but no shirts sitting outside a tent. Captioned…

Top left - a man in Arab dress standing between two camels. Captioned 'Part of camel train'. Top right - three airmen sitting round a small table in a garden with low walls. In the background trees and buildings. Captioned 'NAAFI beer garden Ein…

Posted to motor transport section of 77 Squadron at RAF Elvington in November 1942. Writes of duties, location and social activities. Mentions commanders and feeling part of the squadron. Posted to RAF Sandtoft in 1944. Gives dates of service June…

A group of seven members of Women’s Auxiliary Air Force holding a folded barrage balloon with another one holding the balloon bag which has handles and a printed D on the side. There are vehicles behind and a hedgerow with a utility pole and…

A group of nine members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirtsleeves and berets folding a barrage balloon on the ground. Two members sit to one side on a balloon anchor. There are two Fordson Sussex balloon winch tenders, two further vehicles…

Eight members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirt sleeves and berets folding a barrage balloon. Two others sitting with a balloon anchor with two Fordson Sussex balloon winch tenders and two other vehicles behind. Hedgerow with utility pole…

A group of eight members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirtsleeves and berets folding a barrage balloon. One Fordson Sussex balloon winch tender and two further vehicles. Hedgerow with utility pole with woodland beyond.

Marion Clarke served as an MT driver during the Second World War, her main duties were on Bomber Command stations primarily driving crew buses. She talks about the conditions she experienced such as her accommodation, uniform, leave and dances.…
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