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Four airmen, one wearing Mae West, standing by the front of a lorry. Four other airmen, two wearing Mae Wests are standing in front of a single story building in the background.

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Seven aircrew, six seated on bomb trolley, with pilot standing, in front of Lancaster, E, parked on dispersal. All aircrew wearing flight suits. Some are wearing Mae Wests.

Two photographs:
- one of aircrew at night, being collected or dropped off at the dispersal.
- second, also at night, is of a crew in flying gear gathered around entrance door of Lancaster (W4964 squadron code WS).

An airman wearing battledress and side cap leaning on the headlamp of an ambulance registration 'PMG998'. In the background right, buildings and a mast. On the reverse 'John'.

An airman is standing in front of a Bedford QL lorry, scribbled "Celle Liberty". The ground is snow covered.

Two airman stand on a bomb trolley with small bomb containers looking up into the starboard wing bomb bay of an aircraft. two airmen stand on the left of the trolley watching.

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An airman holding a bottle is also supporting a child sitting on the bonnet of a jeep. Behind is a brick house.

An airman is holding a child sitting on the bonnet of a jeep numbered 5571358. Behind are trees and a brick house.

An airman is leaning on a lorry with Royal Air Force roundels. The ground is covered by snow.

An airman, in khaki, standing at the front of an RAF car 'RAF 86401'.

An airman in khaki and shorts sitting on the front bumper of an RAF Ford lorry. Written on the bumper is 'Shropshire Lass'.
A second photograph has him leaning on the front of the same lorry. On the reverse is stamped 'MAAF RAF Camera Club Serial NE…

An airman, in beret and great coat, stands by the corner of the Mother Huff inn, beneath the inn's sign. In the foreground is the front of a service Land Rover.

An airman in drivers seat of a lorry with arm out of the window.

An airman in drivers seat of a lorry with arm out of the window.

A airman wearing battledress with half brevet standing alongside a lorry with hand on drivers door.

A sergeant wearing battledress and flying boots sits on an unidentifiable object with parachute harness and Mae West behind him on the ground. He is writing on a pad of paper. To the left the rear of a bus and to the right the front of a…

Top left - half length image of an airman wearing jacket and side cap. Captioned 'Just married'.
Top left centre - half length image of two airmen wearing battledress. The one on the left has pilot's brevet and peaked cap.
Top centre right - four…

Nine men and women arranged at the front of a bus. Information supplied with the collection has a date 15/9/42 and Scampton.

Group of 11 airmen standing behind two rows of seven kneeling and four member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force sat on the grass. The women are wearing berets and five of the men wear peaked caps and six side caps. Two of the men have half brevets…

A group of ten members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and three airmen in front of a Fordson Sussex balloon winch tender. Five of the women are sat in two rows on the ground and the remaining are standing. The airmen are wearing side caps and one…

A group of ten airmen standing behind two rows of seven kneeling and four sitting Women's Auxiliary Air Force members. Five airmen wear peak caps and five side caps; two have half brevets on their uniform, one wears corporal stripes and one officer…

Two airmen pushing, and one guiding, a bomb trolley towards the underneath of a Halifax. A airman wearing battledress with hands in pockets stands on the right watching. Another group of airman stand behind the trolley watching while a further man is…

Several airmen are visible sitting in a bus while a Women's Auxiliary Air Force corporal closes one of the rear doors. Two other men stand behind the bus. Two aircrew wearing Mae West/parachute harnesses stand to the left behind the bus. On the…

Two laughing airmen grabbing a supine airmen by shoulders and legs in front of a lorry. One is sergeant, the other a flight sergeant. Another airman is climbing on the bonnet. In the background buildings and an airman walking.

Sixteen airmen, mostly wearing tunic, in three rows sitting and standing on a bomb trolley. Background left a building and trees behind. On the reverse '22.4.42, 50 Sqdn Armoury. Skellingthorpe'. Albert Cluett is second row second from the right.
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