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British propaganda leaflet starts by describing trend in German propaganda that they are not trying to destroy the British Empire but are fighting the Churchill plutocratic gang, Continues with quotes from German ministers and publications concerning…

A portrait of the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit of their 149 Squadron Wellington bomber, at RAF Mildenhall in 1941. On the left is Acting Flight Lieutenant David William Donaldson. On the right, at the controls, is Pilot Officer Geoffrey O'Neill…

Warning prisoners of war the dangers of escaping - 'it is no longer a sport'.

Contains three photographs. Top photograph shows group of men and women sitting and standing on grass. Some are wearing football kit others in civilian clothes or a mixture of civilian and military attire. In the background centre a cine camera,…

A poem about bombing with a sketch of two Wellingtons flying amongst searchlights.

Five men in uniform, two in flying suits and three in civilian dress standing on an airfield. In the background two Tiger Moths and three unidentified aircraft with a further aircraft inked out. The civilian in the centre is holding a microphone.…

The telegram to David Geach's father advises him his son was included in a German broadcast saying he had been taken as a prisoner of war.

President Roosevelt, speaking on behalf of the Allies, solemnly promises that all Holocaust perpetrators will be prosecuted. This applies not only to the leaders but to the ranks and file who carried out their orders, in Germany and elsewhere. Those…

The flyer seeks to undermine the German military virtue of obstinacy arguing that to show such a quality when the war was clearly lost and Germany was in flames amounted to criminal indifference, apathy and short-sightedness. It accuses the German…

During 1939 Stuart left grammar school and joined the Air Training Corps. After about half a year he volunteered for air crew and was accepted. He and his girlfriend were married in February 1943.
Stuart was posted to South Africa working on…

USA propaganda leaflet covering bombs dropped on major German cities, American troops under training in the UK and the Russian front.

Newspaper cuttings. An appeal to help buy a Spitfire or a bandage or a gun by Patience Strong. On the other side news about Lord Nuffield donating £250,000 to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

The flyer contrasts Allies' lofty ideals of 'bread and freedom' with the harsh reality of being at the receiving end of the bombing war. Testimonies from a mother, a printing shop the manager, an old soldier, and a common man are quoted: they reprove…

A newsletter issued for propaganda purposes, in German


A propaganda leaflet directed at the German population produced by the Psychology War Department and Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. One page is missing but both pages are translated into English.


Handwritten note with brief details of the operation. Two newspaper cuttings, one describing the operation titled 'RAF blast way for the army' and a map showing the area of operations.

Top left - a guard tower taken through barbed wire. Captioned 'F36 Dulag Luft'.
Top middle - a wooden guard tower with telegraph wires and fence to the right and church in the background on the left. Captioned 'F29 Stalag Luft 1'.
Top right - a…

Article 1. Headlines: Ruhr dams breached, daring low level attack by Lancaster, walls blasted out with 1500lb mines, vast damage by floods. Short account of Dams operation. Article 2. Headlines: growing devastation in Ruhr; flood waters sweep into…

A Romanian language propaganda leaflet dropped by the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Force.


Newspaper cutting of two aircrew in cockpit of an aircraft. David Donaldson is on the left. Propaganda banners at the bottom.

From Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, dated Thursday 31 December 1942.

Three propaganda leaflets and one photo of a Wellington 'O', Z1337.

A German soldier in full uniform and seated. On the reverse text in French with a smaller image of the Nazi officer.


Photographs of dead German soldiers and on the reverse 'Hitler Mathematik' with figures set out on a blackboard.

A leaflet, in German dropped by the RAF. It has photographs on the front of Goering. On the reverse are comments and questions.

The leaflet describes the huge number of American workers being transferred to the arms industry.
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