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Congratulations on promotion to flight lieutenant.

A warrant issued to Ted Neale notifying him of his appointment to Warrant Officer.

Informs her that her prisoner of war son has been promoted to the rank of flight sergeant form 28 August 1943 and warrant officer from 28 August 1944.

Half length portrait of Cyril Barton wearing his new flight sergeant stripes. He is side on to the camera and is pointing to the stripes with his left hand. Another hand is also pointed at the stripes. On the reverse 'Promotion to Flight Sargeant…

Appointment scroll for Royal Air Force Warrant Officer

Cartoon title 'Sergeants Stripes - Letters page 169'. Eight cartoon figures round a bunk bed in various stages of sewing on sergeant's stripes. Caption on bottom 'Getting some brevet-an-tape-stitching-on-hours in'.

Shows entry as apprentice on 30 august 1927. Details next of kin, and description. Shows service as fitter at Gosport and Khartoum before No 4 Flying Training School, 216 Squadron and 9 Squadron. Promoted Flight Sergeant in June 1939. Discharged on 4…
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