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A postcard of a Heyford biplane coming into land. On the reverse '1938 The first aircraft Grandad flew as air gunner observer for training. Open cockpits.'

Two airmen in discussion whilst a third is shaving and looking on.
On the reverse is an RAF no objections stamp and 7 Dec 1941.

Group of 11 airmen standing behind two rows of seven kneeling and four member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force sat on the grass. The women are wearing berets and five of the men wear peaked caps and six side caps. Two of the men have half brevets…

Six airmen standing at the front of their Lancaster. The image is annotated 'The plane & crew that brought us home Jan 1946'.

Time in the RAF including selection as an observer, enrolment at Lord's Cricket Ground, navigational dead reckoning and meteorology training in Eastbourne and Paignton. Time spent on navigational sorties in Grahamstown, South Africa in Ansons and…

Three-quarter length image of an airman wearing battledress with observer brevet, medal ribbons, warrant officer rank, and side cap. Standing with hand in pocket in front of a Wellington. Two versions of the same image. Submitted with caption 'Bob…

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with observer brevet, caterpillar badge and medal ribbons. Two versions of the same image. Submitted with caption 'Bob Burns probably a Warrant Officer. Date unknown probably late 1945 in the…

Half-length image of an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and observers brevet and side cap. Buildings in the background. Three versions of the same image. Submitted with caption 'Sgt Bob Burns- Graduation leave- on way home- 'Happy with brevet…

A pilot, observer and two airmen standing by a wooden fence. On the reverse '11.9.40 Office'.

Magazine of 48 Air School, South Africa. Contains articles on local news, letters of thanks, entertainment, keeping fit, sports reports and results, poems, personal experiences in the RAF, sketches showing life at RAF Woodbrook, South African…

Magazine of 48 Air School, South Africa. On the front cover is written: '1801494 LAC ROYALL G.L. 27/6/43'. The magazine contains articles of local and war news, a description of what life is currently like in Britain, photographs of key personnel at…

George Royall's log book, detailing his RAF flying from September 1943 to November 1945. It records his training as an observer, gunner and bomb aimer, initially at 48 and 42 Air Schools in South Africa. It then records his flying training with 8…

Pilot Officer Frederick Stanbury and Norman Rutherford (right) standing in front of a Mosquito.

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Alan was born in Parramatta, Sydney, in Australia. After going to the Middle East with the army, he returned to Australia, when Japan entered the war, and transferred to the RAF in November 1942.
Alan was posted to Bradfield Park for training and…

An observer brevet and a bomb aimer brevet.

A head and shoulders portrait of Norman wearing his Observer brevet.

Fifteen airmen, mostly sergeants, wearing tunics with observer brevet and side caps, standing in two rows in front of a building with window on the left. In the background right other barrack blocks.

Seven airmen wearing tunics, six with side caps and one with peaked cap, in two rows. Three in the front row have brevet (one pilot, one observer, the other unidentified half brevet).

Two airmen wearing khaki uniform with shorts standing on sea shore. The man on the right has an observer's brevet and a handwritten annotation 'Les' above.

Seven airmen wearing battledress with brevet and side caps sitting and standing in two rows in front of a brick building. submitted with caption 'Photo Stirlings [sic] Crew'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form.…

A head and shoulders portrait of Cyril Robert Brown in uniform with observers brevet. On the reverse 'Cyril Robert Brown GB. 1334289'.

Head and shoulders, with medal ribbons, observer brevet and Flying Officer braids. On reverse, 'F/O Jolliffe passport'.

A large group of Army and RAF officers, some with pilot's or observers brevet sitting and standing in five rows.

A warrant officer stands on the left and an senior RAF officer with cane sits fourth from left in front row.

The officer seated…

Forty-six airmen wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in four rows. One officer wearing peaked cap sits in centre of second row up. Titled 'B Flight No 2 Squadron, 3 I.T.W Hastings, October 1939'. Captioned 'Bob Palmer second row from…
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