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Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an air-to-air view of Halifax in the air.
Photo 2 is the nose of a Halifax with 'Willie the Wolf' nose art. It depicts a naked woman being pursued by a wolf. 30 operations are marked by bombs.

A brief history of 428 Squadron, formed at Dalton on 7 November 1942, part of No. 4 Group then transferred to No. 6 Group at Middleton St George. Some of the operations are discussed, as are the aircraft flown by the squadron. There is a list of…

A side view of a Lancaster on the ground. Behind are access stands.

Photograph of nose art "Hellzapoppin'!!" with picture of Native American shooting a bomb from a bow and standing on an arrow. Minimum of 30 completed operations indicated. Annotated “Halifax II W7756 R Manning 10 Sqn”.

Seven aircrew wearing battledress standing in line behind eight ground crew squatting down. In the background a Lancaster with cartoon chorus girl nose art. Maurice Kemp is second from right back row. Additional information about this item was…

Seven aircrew wearing battledress or tunic with aircrew brevet, side or peaked caps, stand in line in front of a Lancaster. The aircraft has 8 rows of 10 bomb symbols and the letter 'Z' on the nose. In front of the aircrew in the centre is a dog…

Four aircrew standing on a ladder under the cockpit of a Wellington. Another aircrew member is looking out of an open cockpit window. The man on the left is smoking a cigarette. On the reverse 'July 1944, crew, Wellington, L London. Elles Belles'.

Photo 1 - Denis in a two-seater open car holding a small dog.
Photo 2 - seven airmen at the rear of a Lancaster. They are wearing flying kit. In the background are two more Lancasters. This is also on page 6.
Photo 3 - seven airmen standing…

Item 1 - photo of seven airmen at the front of a Lancaster. 81 operations are recorded on the nose. There are flags of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. In the background is a second Lancaster.

Item 2 - a telegram to Flying Officer Freamo…

The front of a Halifax with group of eight airmen - Ralph White far right. The nose art has a kangaroo, a bomb with Reich 1000lbs, Matthews & Co Express Delivery Service , 55 small kangaroos indicating 55 operations and a small swastika.

PFranklinJB1607 copy.jpg
Three airmen, two in battledress and one in tunic, all wearing side caps standing in line The outer two men have hands on shoulders of middle man. Behind them a Mosquito with knight on horse nose art, many bomb symbols and letter H. Noted as being…

PFranklinJB1604 copy.jpg
Thirty five airmen wearing a mix of uniforms in three rows, front row sitting and back two standing in front of a Mosquito. On the aircraft nose is a winged horse and rows of bomb symbols. Noted as being '109 sqn Wyton', names are listed at the…

PFranklinJB1603 copy.jpg
Five airmen standing in a row. The second from the left has navigator's brevet and the second from the right a pilot's brevet. In the background a Mosquito with clover leaf nose art and five double rows of bomb symbols. Noted as being '109 squadron…

PFranklinJB1602 copy.jpg
Six airmen. two wearing battledress with brevet and side caps. Four other men in shirt and tie, two wearing side caps. In the background a Mosquito with a winged horse on nose and three rows of bomb symbols, noted as being '109 Squadron Wyton'.…

A man (USAF Crew member) pointing to the nose art on an USAF B-29 aircraft The Great Artiste. Nose art shows a smiling man in tails with Great Artiste above. This aircraft flew as an observation aircraft on Hiroshima and Nagasaki missions. Additional…

Colour photograph of the nose of an aircraft 'Bockscar' USAF B-29 bomber that dropped a bomb over Nagasaki on August 9th 1945. With nose art of railway line with a rail boxcar with wings. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by…

Colour photograph of the nose of 'Bockscar', the USAF B-29 bomber that dropped the 'Fat Man' bomb over Nagasaki on 9 August 1945. With nose art of railway line with a rail boxcar with wings. Additional information about this item was kindly provided…

Side view of Lancaster DS689 on ground facing left. Cartoon nose art with five bomb symbols underneath. Aircraft letter S. Man visible in cockpit and legs of a man standing far side by ladder are visible.

Shows nose of a B-17 and the inboard port engine. Nose art of a show girl with 'Little Audrey above her'. B-17 in which US officials travelled to RAF Woodhall Spa. 31 March 1944'. On the reverse '5.4.44, MSC99, 2 Cam 2, 51:48'. Addition information…

Left side of Halifax Mk 2 nose, with nine ground crew standing in two rows, airfield dispersal background.

Nose art visible showing number of operations and character illustration.

Fifty Royal Air Force personnel sitting and standing in four rows in front of a Halifax. There is a pilot in second row centre right wearing peaked cap and a WAAF sitting in the centre. Nose art on the aircraft is a showgirl with hat.

Air-to-air view of 192 Squadron Halifax 'DT-A' flying from right to left over open countryside. Nose art visible.

Nose art of a woman throwing bomb at a tree with a serpent on the other side. Forward of the cockpit six bomb symbols.


Air-to-air view of Halifax 'DT-A' flying right to left over open countryside with some clouds below. Nose art partially visible.

Air-to-air view of Halifax 'DT-A' flying right to left over open countryside. Nose art visible.
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