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The observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Flight Lieutenant John Francis Banks, born I July 1922, (1578295 Royal Air Force) from 28 March 1943 to 9 April 1946. Detailing his training and operations flown. Served at 41 Air School South…

Track and calculations on chart, but date and destination not known.

Hand drawn table listing targets and timings.

One a formal portrait, head and shoulders with Navigator aircrew badge, the second full length standing in front of a wooden door Flying Officer braids and Navigator aircrew badge.

Geoff with four aircrew that he flew with. On the reverse captioned 'L to R Geoff Blamires - Nav, Doug Maycroft - Bomb Aimer, Den Barton - Flight Engineer, Frank Farnham - Mid upper gunner, Dennis 'Danny' Josey - Pilot. The last two are bracketed…

Handwritten diary with a transcription. Covers a short period of time when Geoff had just arrived at Elsham Wolds flying operations on the Lancaster. A detailed account of his life concentrating on the non operational aspect.

An aiming point certificate comprising a sketch of a Lancaster on the ground with rotating propellers It is captioned 'Genoa 61 Squadron 7/8 November 1942 S/Ldr Deas, Sgt Talbot, Sgt Davies, Sgt Taylor, F/Sgt Nightingale, Sgt Munro, F/Lt Leonard'. It…

A head and shoulders portrait of Derek in uniform wearing his navigator's brevet and his ribbons including Distinguished Flying Cross and single oak leaf. On the reverse 'Derek Clare S no 103536'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Derek in uniform showing his observer's brevet and ribbons, including for the Distinguished Flying Cross. On the reverse is a stamp from the photography studio of Edward C Partridge and annotated '5874/2' and 'Derek…

Describing her visit to the International Bomber Command Centre. and the donation of her father's collection to the archive. She explains that the mascot and compass accompanied her father during his career as a navigator in the Royal Air Force. He…

A summary of Derek's career in the Royal Air Force including an explanation why he he carried a rabbit foot mascot in his flying suit. Explains that his flying log books are held by the National War Museum in London. Describes Derek's disappointment…

Crew posed in two rows in front of plain background. Crew are listed, Back row, Ken Casey (Australian Wireless Operator), Fred McCarten (Air Gunner), Geoff Towers (Air Gunner), George Fairless (Flight Engineer), Front row Mick Miller (Australian Bomb…

Recollections and thoughts by Geoff Towers about his service with 158 Squadron, he was a rear gunner and flew in the Halifax, he flew 40 operations. He lists his crew, Bill Sharp Pilot, Mick Miller Bomb Aimer, John Sessions Navigator, Georg Fairless…

Lists the previous nine operations of Lancaster W4182 and recording that on an operation to Duisburg on the 20 December 1942 just after take off the aircraft collided with Lancaster W4259 from 44 Squadron. There were no survivors. The crews are…

Seven crew, in flying kit, standing in front of a Lancaster. Each man is named on the reverse.

The crew are posed in two rows, the second item is a crew list with Next of kin.
The crew list is, Sgt Hazell, L.C, Pilot, Sgt Gardiner, E , Flight Engineer, Sgt Miller, W.T, Navigator, Sgt Tatley, H.T, Bomb Aimer, Sgt Sharples, E.F. Gunner, Sgt…

Group portrait of five aircrew, two standing and three seated, against a neutral backdrop. Hubert Tatley is fourth from right.

John Taplin and fellow crew members. They are standing in front of a Nissen hut. On the reverse they have signed their names. An additional note states 'LR (Rear Gunner) Waite Dad [circled, John Taplin], Gordon (Nav) Black'.
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