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A newspaper article about Ron after he was shot down over France. A second cutting has a brief note about Ron returning home after being missing in France.
[The details in the article are incorrect. His aircraft was a Wellington, it was shot down on…

The letter expresses sadness that Ron is missing.
[only one page of the letter is present]

The letter expresses sorrow that their son is missing and stresses that they should not give up hope.

The letter thanks Roland for his card and news, seeking more information about his life and news of John. They are all in good health and good wishes are sent from several people. He is updated on family members, acquaintances and work. Roland is…

The letter expresses shock that Ron is missing. She feels he is safe and will come back.

The letter expresses sympathy that Ron is missing.
[The letter is incomplete, only the first page has been kept]

The letter expresses sadness on hearing that their son is missing.

The author expresses sympathy over the disappearance of their son.

She has heard bad news about Ronald and hopes that good news will eventually arrive.

A F Dowding’s Flight Engineer’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 06 June 1943 to 16 February 1944 when he became ‘missing-death presumed’. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as a Flight Engineer. He was stationed at…

Writes that he has been very busy and asks how Rosser is getting on. Comments on girl friends/partners. Mentions how he was on standby for 1000 raids but was not called for which he though was just as well as two of his friends were lost (Cologne and…

Apologises for taking so long to answer letter. Mentions Cologne and Essen operations and fighter engagement on the former which resulted in damage and belly landing at RAF Manston. Catches up with news of families and colleagues as well as some oh…

Top left - b/w photograph of a woman sitting on grass with dog in front of her. Captioned 'Mrs Derrnocly'.
Top middle - three-quarter length b/w photograph of an airman wearing tunic with half brevet standing in a room. Captioned 'F/O Jim Derrnocly…

Left - long newspaper cutting with eulogising story of Group Captain Percy Pickford and Flight Lieutenant Alan Broadly who after 100 sorties together were now missing. Noted that they were in the film 'Target for Tonight' and gives considerable…

Top left - newspaper cutting with b/w full face portrait, concerning Sergeant H T Hathaway RAF who had been reported missing. Top right - newspaper cutting with b/w photograph of eight men in uniform, one in suit and tie (middle front row) and…

Top left - newspaper cutting with b/w photograph of a wedding party with bride and groom (in RAF tunic with half brevet) and two other men and three bridesmaids. Caption mentions Pilot Officer C R Sugar.
Top right - newspaper cutting - long service…

Writes that he was enclosing odds and ends left in his care. Mentions losing colleagues on operations and other operational matters including a ditching with missing crew.

Navigator's. air bombers and air gunners log book used as a daily diary from 23 January 1944 until 31 January 1944. Describes daily activities including lectures as well as training and test flights. Mentions social activities, weather, inspections…

The letter confirms that her husband is considered to have died on 8th May.

The letter proposes that Arnold is presumed dead.

The letter advises that there has been no news about her husbands disappearance. Because of the lapse of time the writer suggest that he has lost his life.

The first letter refers to changes in money paid to his wife.
The second letter advises that their has been no news about her husband.

The letter advises that her husband is missing but explains he could be a prisoner of war.

The telegram advises that her husband is missing during an air operation.
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