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A pass issued to Arthur Atkinson by RAF St Athan allowing him to be absent from his quarters.

Photo 1 is a mechanic working on a starboard engine with four men looking on.
Photo 2 is two groundcrew pushing the port main wheel.
Photo 3 is two groundcrew loading a bomb.
Photo 4 is two groundcrew pushing a bomb trolley.

David Fellowes tells of how he used to build model airplanes and fly them in the fields when he was a boy. The son of an engineer, he first joined the Air Training Corps and then volunteered for the Royal Air Force at the age of 17. Describes his…

Five Group Newsletter, number 27, October 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about operations, gardening, signals, tactics, air bombing, navigation, this month's bouquets, radar navigation, training, second thoughts…

Mentions late arrival time at home and plans to fill in day until train. Mentions navigation, meteorology plotting and medical exams over next couple of days.

Announces he will be coming home next Friday and states arrival time. Also due further leave. Catches up with family and home news. Hopes they had good Easter, wished he was there. Notes that Eastbourne was crowded over the weekend, weather was good…

Writes of daily activities and course progress including marks for exams. Notes if he fails as pilot he would be happy as an observer. Worse subject is Air Force law. Mentions other subjects such as hygiene. Only 3 weeks before leave and discusses…

Writes of guard duty, gas exam and inoculations and their effect. Talks of food and domestic matters. Catches up with home news and makes requests for specific food when he gets home

Writes of mail received and complains of time taken but will be worse when he gets to Scotland or California. Christmas approaching. Went to chapel and had good carol service. Catches up with home news. Speculates on future as aircrew and possible…

Written as cadet from posting wing. Sending washing home. Will be glad to get away from current location. Describes daily activity, a friend and going to Westminster Central Hall. Suggests that hardest part of Initial Training Wing will be aircraft…

Thanks for letters and wished father happy birthday. Forgot is was his birthday and describes all his letters and presents. Thanks everyone. Will send washing home soon. Pilot has gone for x-ray.

Received parcel and letter. Visited Bury St Edmunds. Describes local area, camp facilities and local village with pub. Looking forward to using his bike. May remain but could move if parent station near Mildenhall becomes serviceable. Currently…

Complains at receiving no letters from home. Have done no flying at pilot has injured his knee again. Writes of activities and local amenities.

Writes he will now be staying at East Wretham. Possible conversion course in two weeks bur currently training on Wellington. Pilot arrived after touring country looking for Honnington. Most crews have now arrived. Describes strange living…

Relates journey to new station and 115 Squadron somewhere in Norfolk/Suffolk. Arrived at Honnington but no 115 Squadron. Arranged transport to correct base at Wretham. Well looked after at Honington by American maintenance squadron. Many other…

Says received posting and will be home Saturday. Writes about plans for getting home and clearing from Upper Heyford.

Starts with domestic matters and catch up with home news. Writes that nearly everyone has finished course and they did last trip previous evening. Pilot is now out of doc. Visit to local friends. Spent day trying to get airborne, not well looked…

Thanks for parcel and letter. No leave for about 3 weeks, nearly finished course. mentions pilot has injured his knee and is in dock indefinitely. Went to see flight commander on possibility of finishing with staff pilot. Mentions local friends and…

Starts with domestic issues. Will be sorry to leave Upper Heyford as made many friends. Mentions slippery roads locally and writes of activities. Will be there for another 3 weeks. Concludes with remissness of home.

Writes of flying and upcoming kit inspection. Tells of visit to local friends and getting to know most of villagers. Mentions might be moving on soon and having interesting lectures. Talks of his drawings of gremlins which he might sent to the RAF…

Difficult to write letters as very busy flying. Writes of flying a trip which passed close to his parents farm. Writes of trips being scrubbed and visiting friends. Mentions others flying short trips.

After Christmas, catches up with news of family and acquaintances. Describes activities over Christmas including pantomime, biking to Bicester, going to pictures, visiting friends for dinner, dance in NAAFI. activities on boxing day and going to…

Thanks her for parcel. Mentions hard work and skipper demanding a day off. Plans to go to Oxford to theatre. Mentions their landing ground is unusable so operation from satellite drome. Describes some flying including take off in mud and water.…

Writes of flying activity. Mentions visit of circus comprising Ju 88, Me 110 and Heinkel which gave flying demonstration and after he was able to look over them. Was not impressed with crew space. Concludes with other news.

Writes of being very busy flying. Mentions his bike has arrived but has not been able to go and pick it up. Describes members of his crew. Mentioned flying cancelled on Sunday and going to chapel. Note she will not be home before Christmas due to…
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