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Top left shows the prototype Lysander K6127 standing on the grass with buildings in the background.
Top Right shows T E Lawrence's grave.
Middle left shows airmen attaching bombs to an aircraft
Middle right shows a line of Hawker biplanes standing…

First, David, left, with another man dressed in their flying suits, boots and gauntlets holding their flying helmets. They are standing outside wooden buildings with glazed windows.
Second, three men in uniform. David far right and the man on the…

Three photographs from an album.
#1 is a view of barracks at the camp.
#2 is a view with the camp in the distance.
#3 is four trainees on bikes, crossing a bridge.

A large group of airmen, mostly wearing battledress some with brevet, sitting at a long table eating. Several airmen are standing watching.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are…

Page 2, lists names and hut numbers for site 4 and site 5

A group of airmen sitting in uniform outside a brick building in the sunshine. Most are seated, two are standing . On the reverse it is captioned '"The Boys" working during the hot weather'. There is a list of the airmen.

Photograph 1 is of camouflaged brick buildings.
Photograph 2 is of airmen eating at rows of tables in a mess hall.
Photograph 3 is a head and shoulders portrait of an aircrew member on an aircraft.
Photograph 4 is of a man sitting reading in an…

Image of a sergeant airman seated on a bed. The bed clothes are made up into a bed pack.

An airman dressed in khaki and shorts. He is standing on a slightly raided path leading to tents. On the reverse 'Taken at Tengah Singapore 18 November 1946. From "Gordie" to F/O Cole'.

An airman sitting on a chair in the sunshine and smoking a pipe. Behind is a tent. On the reverse '1/2/46 Alec, taking it easy at Merv Camp, Cairo (Egypt)'.

A airman wearing battledress with Mae West, flying helmet and flying boots standing with foot up on a chair in front of a tent.

An airmen wearing battledress with flight sergeant rank and flying boots feeding a horse/pony. In the background buildings including Nissen huts and tents.

An airman wearing short sleeved shirt and tie sitting on a bed in a barrack room with long shelf above his head and clothing hanging on racks under the shelf. Submitted with caption 'Inside Hut'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive…

An airman sleeping on a bed. On the reverse is 'TB Hospital?'

An airman wearing khaki uniform with shorts and pith helmet standing in front of a tent with a revolver pointing up in right hand.

An airman wearing shorts, no shirt and a pith helmet standing in the doorway of a tent. He is holding a revolver at his waist.

An man covered with a blanket is asleep in the middle bed of three in a bed in a barrack room. There are lockers by each bed and shelves on the wall either side of windows. On the reverse 'Ped in bed, 1941 RAF Mount Hampden'.

An airman in shorts asleep on a bed in front of a window. To the right a locker and to the left shelve with photographs. On the reverse 'Taff Griffiths in the land of nod, Mt Hampden 1941'.

An airman wearing battledress with half brevet sitting on a chair in front of a tent. Other tents in the background.

An airman wearing battledress with half brevet sitting on a chair in front of a tent. Other tents in the background.

Almost full-length portrait. One colour and two b/w prints of same photograph of Ben Openshaw standing wearing tunic and side cap with grounded rifle in his right hand. In the background left and rear are single storey huts. On the reverse of one of…

Left - an airman wearing tunic standing outside a barrack block. Captioned 'Jack Kellett'.
Right - an airman wearing tunic standing outside a barrack block, captioned 'Frank Reacroft'.

The photograph on the left shows a group of six men wearing military uniforms.
The photograph on the right shows men in an accommodation block sitting on beds either side of a stove.

A row of camp beds from front to rear outside the veranda of buildings on two sides of square. An airman wearing tunic is standing front right and others are sitting on and standing by beds in the distance. In the background trees,

Top left - airman is shirt and shorts walking along a path. In the background white Nissen huts. Captioned 'Gilly'. Top right - a straight road running bottom to top. In the middle distance a bus. Captioned 'Haifa road from Ramat David'. Centre an…
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