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Top - four airmen, one lying on bed and three sitting on the other side. In the foreground a bed and table with mug. In the background clothes on hangers. Submitted with description '4 RAF airmen relaxing on beds.One of these is stated to be F/Sgt W…

Four airmen wearing shorts and shirts sitting at a table inside a hut playing cards. On the right the legs of another man lying on a bed. On the reverse 'I bet you can't guess what we are playing'.

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a half-length portrait of two airmen outside the Pupils Entrance, captioned 'Don Garnham & Self'.
Photo 2 is a man lying on a top bunk in their billet.
Photo 3 is a row of bunk beds with an airman leaning…

Seven photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two men lying on their bunks.
Photo 2 is two men sitting and holding tennis rackets.
Photo 3 is five men leaning on a beach cabin.
Photo 4 is two men standing at the front of a Hurricane 'Sir…

Photo 1 is inside a mess with airmen sitting round a large stone fireplace.

Photo 2 is an airmen with a trainee flash, leaning on a wooden railing outside a wooden building.

Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an airman sitting on his bunk.
Photo 2 is two airmen standing beside a wooden fence.
Photo 3 is an airman sitting reading.
Photo 4 is an airman standing beside his bike.
Photo 5 is two airmen admiring…

Tells of early life in London, joining the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force in 1941 and training as a driver. Relates experiences at RAF Scampton and then with 57 Squadron as a tractor driver pulling bomb trolleys. Subsequently went to East Kirkby.…

Letter to Isabel with inventory of Andrew's effects, asking her to acknowledge receipt of the effects.

11 items on a page of a scrapbook.
Item 1 - programme for a revue 'Let's Have Another One' taking place on RMS Scythia on 5-8 November 1945.
Item 2 - photograph of A C Coller in tropical uniform standing beside two local boys who are sitting on…

Babs Howes hanging out some washing. Large tree and a building in the background.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

A section of a bar with pinups on the walls. There are wooden chairs and stuffed seats with wooden tables. Below some of the pinups 'Out of bounds to hell' has been written on the wall.

In the foreground a road. Behind are three single story corrugated iron barrack blocks amongst scattered trees. On the reverse 'RAF Mount Hampden, S Rhodesia, 1941

At the bottom three beds; left just springs, middle occupied by reading figure and right person asleep. Top three beds against wall; left springs, centre occupied person sitting up, right unmade bed. Left middle a door and clothes on pegs in back…

Top left, a man in shirt and shorts sitting on the left on a beach alongside to the right a woman in dress.
Top centre, an man in shirt sleeves sitting on a beach.
Top right, five pilots standing in a row in front of a lorry. All are wearing…

A man wearing shorts, shirt and flying helmet standing with bottle in hand and camera round neck in a doorway. On the reverse of one photograph: 'No, not drunk' and '40 Honiton Rd, Welling, Kent'.

Ben Openshaw wearing shorts and short sleeved shirt and tie, stands with hands in pockets in front of grass roofed huts. On the reverse of the second (b/w) photograph 'The first time I put grease on my hair'.

Two airmen identified as Bill Willoughby and Stan Chadderton, Navigator and Bomb Aimer, in their beds at Blida.

A row of bunk beds, some occupied, captioned 'Billets Wyton'.

A large two storey building identified on the reverse as billets at Darr.

Four drawings. Top left drawing - a hut with tents in front and pathways bottom and right captioned 'RAF Church Green'. Top right drawing- a building on the left with a gate between it and a hedge. Wall and fields on the left. Captioned 'Bletchley…

Second of David Geach's diaries, describing his training for aircrew at Kingstown, Heaton Park, Hastings and Harrogate until his embarkation to Canada on the Queen Mary. Covers the period from 20 June 1942 to 7 October 1942.
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