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A cartoon from Dick Curnock's Wartime Log Book. A prisoner is in a bunk which has had the slats removed. The mattress and his body sinks down where the slats are missing. It is captioned 'Life seems full of Ups and Downs'.

In the log Dick Curnock recorded crew and friends names and addresses, an obituary of Ginge Wheeldon who was shot by a Typhoon whilst on a march, cartoons, sketches of aircraft, dates of letters received and samples of window.

A wartime log kept by Jim Tyrie. He lists his crew on the night they were shot down over Berlin, the construction of tin trays, addresses of co-prisoners, cartoons, London restaurants, newspaper cuttings in German and English and finally more…

Photo 1 is a half length portrait of a man in a sweater.
Photo 2 is eight airmen captioned '+20/8/43'.
Photo 3 is two men with their hands in the air, one soldier beside them. Two men with rifles are on the right, captioned 'Two Polish prisoners…

Photo 1 is ten men standing in a group, captioned 'Muir, Denny, McCombe, McConnel, Neely, Kerwin, Bushell, Beauclair, Panton, Newman (End room tunnellers April 41)'.
Photo 2 is a group of ten men.
Photo 3 is a group of 13 men.
Photo 4 is a group…

Photo 1 is a group of airmen arriving at the camp, captioned 'Arriving April 1941'.
Photo 2 is a bearded man with a pipe.
Photo 3 is two smiling pilots.
Photo 4 is a man in a sweater holding onto the wire fence.
Photo 5 is two men in shirts, one…

Photo 1 is two men standing in the snow.
Photo 2 is one man standing in the snow, captioned 'McGarr '41'
Photo 3 is two men standing in the snow.
Photo 4 is eight men standing in the snow.
Photo 5 is four men around a table, playing backgammon,…

Arthur Atkinson's mess bill from the Sergeant's Mess RAF Turweston

A section of a bar with pinups on the walls. There are wooden chairs and stuffed seats with wooden tables. Below some of the pinups 'Out of bounds to hell' has been written on the wall.

RAF Station Dum Dum's menu front and back cover. On the front a RAF badge and an image of the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, the rear has image of the star and the three kings. The menu inside is illustrated and also has added signatures.

Christmas dinner menu from Sergeants Mess at RAF Station Dum Dum.

Bill Cooke's Flying Clothing Card, which lists all the equipment that he was issued with, complete with when items were returned, or explanations for losses (for example, 'lost in crash').

Writes about book she has read and gardening as well as catching up with family/friends news. Mentions Australian political news and the time taken for mail to reach India where her parents are. Continues with more war news and hopes weather will be…

Writes catching up with news of friends, baby, gardening savings group and war news. Commiserates over his poor accommodation and is sending cigarettes to help. Concludes with family gossip.

Sending photographs of herself and daughter. Reports arrival of Mrs Stenzel. Writs of missing figs and his health problems with taste. Sending socks and cigarettes and other items to follow. Hopes gunnery course is not as unpleasant as he fears and…

Writes of daily domestic activities and visits from friends. Mentions financial arrangements with her sister and that she will be able to manage household on RAF money and other income. Catches up with family and baby news. Commiserates over his poor…

Writes of days activities including issues with ration cards. Mentions organising savings group and other activities and catches up with baby news. Mentions blackout and that there was no air raid. Writes that she has had a reply to advertisement and…

A photograph of 22 airmen, including John Joseph Parker as a corporal, three ladies and one man arranged in four rows in front of a boarding house. On the reverse 'John Joseph Parker seated centre left between two young ladies - outside no 74 Albert…

Thanks her for card and arrival date. Hopes she can come a day earlier as he has next afternoon off. Mentions her parcel had not turned up and he had seen Chaplin film. Writes there has been outbreak of flu on his flight and hopes he will not catch…

Updates her on progress of travel voucher which he now encloses despite it having wrong date. Explains what to do if railway will not let her travel on later date. Reports unsuccessful attempt to visit landlady. Regarding news from her latest letter,…

Writes he is impatient for her to arrive so he can spend an hour or two a day in her company. Encloses a travel voucher. Has filled out formal application but had to put in date although this was not yet fixed. Put down 25 January 1941 and explained…

Starts with long discussion on getting rid of piano. Discusses remustering and his preference unlike other not to go to pilot but remain as observer. Writes he has booked her bed at nursing home and accommodation. Writes of when he will be able to…

Writes he is in a happy frame of mind having been reassured about her. Continues with daily activities and reports on hunt for accommodation for her and mentions problem with pets. Discusses cost of accommodation. Mentions cold weather cancelled…

Writes he is very tired having had to put out fires all night and get up early. Describes daily routine. Complains he has had no letter from her for 5 days. States maths exam went well and now no more exams until end of course. Continues on 16/1/41…

Writes it is end of first day of new exhausting schedule. Wishes she was already there and safe from bombing. Suggest she comes 31 January or 1 February if not sooner. Mentions shopping in Woolworth and arrangements to pay inland revenue. Hopes she…
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