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Writes of being very busy flying. Mentions his bike has arrived but has not been able to go and pick it up. Describes members of his crew. Mentioned flying cancelled on Sunday and going to chapel. Note she will not be home before Christmas due to…

Catches up with family news. Mentions going home on recent 48 hour leave. Writes of course progress and compares current base with previous in Scotland. Describes activities in local area. Concluded with more family and home news.

Catches up with news. Not flying at the moment hopes to start next week. Mentions getting on to Lancaster and pathfinder force. Continues with family and friend banter and asks for his bike to be sent. Postscript describes walk on day off and…

Writes that he enjoyed recent 48 hour leave and describes journey back to base and now being up for 'jankers'. Continues to enthuse over recent leave and home food. No on last week of ground lectures.

Thanks her for the parcel with apples and cake. Writes of weather, course progress and upcoming 48 hours pass. Mentions improvements in dining hall and quality of sergeants mess. Mentions going out to find chapel and comments on war news.

Catches up wit home news. Writes of prospect of having to go in the decompression chamber again. Concludes with more family banter.

Mentions incidents in Grantham and Oxford, the weather and the length of his course. Writes of day of going to Oxford. Mentions war news of second front and Roosevelt's speech. Writes of Canadians and Americans at Upper Heyford.

Catches up with family news. Discusses weather and more family/friends news.

Catches up with home news. Comments about cold and rain conditions and heating not being turned on until 1st November. Writes some course details and crewing up with bombadier. Provides a detailed description of his and others experiences in…

Writes of train journey to RAF Upper Heyford and activities at camp including starting on his course. Notes food is better than previous posting at RAF West Freugh. States he enjoyed leave and catches up with home news.

Writes he is home again after just a week but has to return to West Freugh to pass out with 37 out of 40 students. Catches up with news and does much moaning over confusion. Cartoon of man struggling to pedal a bicycle with luggage and overflowing…

Describes preparation for leaving course but no news of postings. Very cheesed off as could have been passed out and sent on leave, but are just hanging around. Plan to go to pictures in Stranraer. Misses bike which he has sent home already.

Writes that he returned safely to West Freugh. They were recalled from leave because they were to be posted at the weekend but it was decided they needed to do more bombing trips. Writes of mix up on return journey with respirator cases with ATS girl…

Thanks for parcel with food and letter. Mentions harvest at home and compares to local area. Nothing new on leave but nearly finished course. Party was success with wonderful meal, alcohol and singing. Should be coming home soon and gave up chance of…

Writes they are still waiting to find out what is happening to them. Catches up with friends news who went abroad for training. Catches up with home news. Comments on spread of airfields in Lincolnshire. Mentions night flying and upcoming dinner in…

Notes good to find parcel and letter when he got down, has attacked the plums, tomatos. then cake. Catches up with home news. Writes of daily activities and flying. Tells of crew getting lost and being guided back by searchlights to Blackpool.…

Wishes her happy birthday, no news of next leave. Is now ready to leave West Freugh with its eternal training. Notes Scottish band passing by. Asks after events at home.

Catches up with news. Says he still has a lot of training before he goes on operations. Continues with goings on at home and then current flying activity. Noted it is dangerous flying round mountains in local area. Mentions visit by Lord Trenchard…

Hopes harvest is going well and complains about food in camp. Writes of dinghy drill and hopes to recover drawing of hut 20. Parcel arrived with tomatoes. Rumour concerning exams before next leave, and mentions local exams in photography and bombing.…

Catches up with family news and comment on weather. States food is now better. Catches up with more news of farm and friends as well as family fund raising. Notes visit from Spitfire squadron and describes dress and demeanour of fighter pilots.…

Catches up with news and apologises for not visiting while on leave. Enjoyed his last leave and mentions nearby airfield expanding and aircraft going overhead but he managed to get a trip in one over local area. Continues with more home news. Writes…

Thanks her for parcel and letter. Shocked by story of bombs jettisoned by friendly aircraft but shouldn't judge until know the facts. Worried about Lancaster base being so close to home. Noted he came back with three bombs unaccounted for. Catches up…

Writes of pay day and money sent home. Writes on domestic matters and fiend and family news. Now senior course, lots of cross country flights. Dropped his first bombs. Continuing with bombing and navigation flights. Mentions swimming tests and…

Writes of dreadful journey back to West Freugh after leave. Reported sick due to wasp sting on hand. Feels better for leave but could do with travel days allowance. Catches up on news and now back to hard work.

Thanks her for parcel and letter. Reminisces about home. States entire station vaccinated against small pox. Catches up with family and friends news. Spent evening sowing on badges. Good results from flying. Noted they had two Stirlings on base and…
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