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Arthur in uniform tunic, with pilot's brevet, Betty in wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers. In the background a church building with arched door and window.

Three quarter length portrait of an officer and his bride standing in a church doorway. The flight lieutenant on the left is wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and medal ribbon.The brides on the right is holding his hand and is wearing wedding dress…

Portrait of Isabel and Andrew, upper torso, both in uniform, Andrew with sergeant's stripes and observer brevet. Written on reverse 'copy 3 pc gent only' and reference number. Printed on reverse: 'The State Studios, 581 London Road, Glasgow. S E',…

Ted Neale's account of his early experience from the age of 17. The factory where he worked burned down in a bombing raid so he volunteered for the RAF. He was posted to Scarborough then Carlisle to train on Tiger Moths. He met a girl called Mary who…

Head and shoulders portrait of Bert Allen in sergeant's uniform with air gunner's brevet, mounted on card. Inscription reads, 'all my love Darling, Bert, xxxxx'. The frame has the words, 'Dubarry Studios, Birmingham'.

Three formal photographs of wedding party, two from the same negative, consisting bride and groom, three bridesmaids, and six others; two men in uniform, two men in suits with a button-hole, and two women wearing corsages. The bride and bridesmaids…

a 29 page duplicated magazine produced by the personnel of Branston Mere Y station. All the items are original, mainly 'in' jokes consisting of stories, jokes, poems and cartoons.

A duplicated magazine, produced by the personnel of Branston Mere Y station. It includes 'in' jokes, stories, poems, cartoons and a
a crossword puzzle.

A duplicated magazine produced by the personnel at Branston Mere Y station. It contains 'in' jokes, stories, a quiz, poems and cartoons.

An account of Jim Allen's life from 1941 to 1997. He details meeting his future wife and their intermittent courtship. There is great detail about his social life and relationship with his future wife. There are two pages of photographs:
First page:…

Bride and groom are Bessie and Wally Birkby, then a sergeant with air gunner.

Portrait of WAAF in uniform, head and shoulders, photographer Harold Moyse, Muswell Hill.

From John and his new wife Kathleen, possibly sent with piece of wedding cake.

Invitation card to John's marriage to Kathleen from her parents (Mr & Mrs F C Burchell).

David and Joyce Donaldson's marriage certificate

Letter to Joyce Donaldson's father, M H Edwards, on headed paper from the Bishop of Dover agreeing to take his daughter's wedding. Goes on to describe his rules for marrying a couple but agrees that he can leave that to M H Edwards in this case.

A letter with card and envelope from Harry Redgrave to his wife. It is their fifth wedding anniversary and he looks forward to a time when the war is over and they can be at home again together. He thinks it is unlikely he will have leave a…

A letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to Jessie. Harry writes about life in the RAF whilst based in Dumfries. He writes that they are all bored, the weather is awful and tells about an eventful trip to the cinema.

A letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. He writes about memories of their home-life and admits to being homesick. He has finished some tricky examinations and hopes to have more time in the evenings. Harry plans out Jessie's…

A letter from Harry to his wife Jessie discussing his love for her, the time they spent during his leave and his journey back by train.

A letter from Harry to his wife Jessie. Harry has just finished his Maths examination and is very tired mentally. He discusses plans for his leave at Easter and tells Jessie how much he misses her.

A letter and envelope from Harry to his wife Jessie. He writes that he has passed his exam, about hearing of a friend who has been killed and how keen he is to have leave to see her.

A letter and envelope from Harry to his wife Jessie. He writes about practising navigation in a Fokker, taking his navigation exams and thanks her for the photo which has just arrived.

A letter and envelope from Harry to his wife Jessie. He writes about training and reminds her of bringing back kippers from Blackpool on their honeymoon.

A letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to Jessie. He has sent her a present of a tartan skirt and remarks about the amount of homework his has to do.

The back of the envelope has been reused for household accounts.
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