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A diary entry taken from an album page.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Ernest and Irene Tansley standing in wedding attire in garden with trees in the background.

At the top an in-memory-of card for Louisa England who passed away 6 December 1940. Underneath a photograph of a wedding at Holy Trinity Church, Rayleigh, with groom wearing RAF uniform and bride in wedding dress. They are surrounded by guests with…

In the centre bride and groom wearing wedding apparel with three men and a woman standing in line. Sitting in front two older ladies. In the background trees. Captioned Mum and Dad's wedding 1935, The wedding of Ernest Tansley and Irene Florence…

Large group of men and women surrounding a wedding couple with five boys sitting in front. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Two men wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and three woman wearing wedding gowns and holding bouquets. In front of steps to doorway of a stone building. Douglas Park is on the right. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by…

Three couples, men all wearing suits and ladies white dresses (wedding dress on the left) and holding bouquets. In the background a trellis and wooden fence. On the reverse 'Albert and Dorothy, Uncle Ernie and Auntie Rene, Dorothy's father and ?'.

Two men wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and three women wearing wedding dresses and holding bouquets standing in line in front of a doorway to a stone building. On the reverse 'Toy's cousin Barbara, my sister Shirley. Wedding photograph of mid…

He says there is much time to reflect while in prisoner of war camp. He writes of his life prior to becoming a prisoner. his wife, her qualities, what attracted her to him and her activities. He continues with comment on the support of friends. He…

Writes thanking them for their letter and telegram on the day of her wedding. She recounts aspects of the wedding and people who attended with regard to their connection with Robert. She describes her new location and also gives news of the doctor…

She writes expressing how glad she was to hear of Robert’s liberation and homecoming. Continues with comments on how Robert was treated by the Germans and how awful prisoner of war camps were. She asks some other questions and talks a little about…

Averil expresses surprise at receiving several letters from Alan. She has had a photograph taken but it will be three or four weeks before it arrives. Then she has been off work because she has had a severe cold.

Averil expresses delight about Alan phoning her. She asks for more letters and tells him to take care.

Edna Burton wearing Bert Kitson's uniform jacket and cap.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are…

A half length portrait of Bill in flying kit, including helmet and goggles. It is annotated 'To Sylvia With Lots of Love Billy xxx'.

Colourised image of Bill and his bride on their wedding day.

Bill Harvey, the bride, best man, bridesmaids, flower girls and parents outside the church on their wedding day.

He writes that he has plenty of spare time and he often thinks of their happiness and that he is lucky to have her as his wife. He suggests that, when the war is over, they go for a holiday at Windermere, where they were married. He apologises that…

Andrezj and Wanda's wedding. Information supplied with the collection states 'Wedding-Brompton Oratory - bride Wanda Sokolowska - 8th January, 1955. London.'

A man wearing RAF uniform tunic with half brevet is standing next to a woman wearing wedding dress and holding a bouquet. In the background a window.

Top - a man and a woman in winter clothes standing with tree in the background. Captioned 'Janine and Freddy de Greef, France 1941'. Bottom - an RAF officer on the left stands talking to a man in army uniform and a woman in wedding dress. Captioned…

Envelope containing note, newspaper cutting with letter
'Au Revoir' and a photograph showing three quarter length portrait of a man in RAF uniform tunic and a woman in wedding dress with bouquet.

Three-quarter length portrait of a woman wearing wedding dress and holding bouquet. Note 'to my darling from your loving wife Mary [..]'. On the reverse a newspaper cutting 'Never Doubt by Patience Strong'.

Gillie Street was born in Aglionby, Carlisle, and spent her early childhood in Tyneside before moving back to Cumberland aged eleven. Street recalls attending grammar school in Brampton and her first flying experience on a Barnstormer. Upon leaving…

Excerpt (pages 7 and 8) from letter from CR Phillips to F Phillips. Writes he will be with her again soon and ambitions for after the war. Expresses his love for her.
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