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A memorial article about Frank telling of his professional and service life.

A brief biography of Frank's work with Barnet council.

The article gives a brief resume of Frank's life. He worked as a councillor for Barnet but joined up despite his commitment to pacifism.

The letter advises that due to the time Frank has been reported missing then he is presumed dead.

The letter advises that her husband's body has been positively identified after exhumation. He has now been moved to the British Military Cemetery, Berlin.

The letter offers news regarding events when her husband's aircraft was shot down. The German authorities confirm that six airmen had lost their lives.

A cross marking Frank's final resting place.

The first letter attaches the second letter and explanation. He asks if she and her baby are finding her new location satisfactory.
The second letter expresses sadness at the loss of Frank.

The letter explains who will assist her in visiting her son's grave.

A scroll commemorating Sergeant T. Carter's sacrifice. His flight engineer's brevet is included in a frame.

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RAF Form 543 recording Thomas' service in the RAF.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Copy of Original Danish Police Report dated 1943 detailing the discovery of the body of an RAF Airman in a fjord near Ringkobing and his subsequent burial with a translation of the report into English dated 1996. There is an explanation as to why the…

A brief story about the crew of 'M for Mother'. It includes details of the crew and a photograph of the crew in flying kit at the nose of their aircraft.

The letter advises Teddy's father that his son has been killed.

The letter was written 12 days before his last flight over Germany. He expresses his feelings if he is captured or dies serving his country.

A newspaper article about a campaign to recognise the loss of Teddy's crew mates.

Bob's grave at Tilly-sur-Seuelles Commonwealth War Cemetery.

Two photographs from an album.
#1 is a vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing at Villers Bocage.
#2 is temporary graves of Bob Cooke and Crew at Tilly-sur-Seulles, Normandy.

An explanation of why James wrote about his late uncle. Also a page out of a diary kept by Bob's father.

A list of Bob and his crew. A colour drawing of their Halifax and the location of their graves in Normandy.
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