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A poem sent to Betty Turner's friend Billy to celebrate their 80th. Betty describes the wartime hardships she endured, hint at the bereavement after the loss of the men she loved, stresses the sense of duty toward her country, friendship and…

A poem written in December 1942 after her first love was shot down over France. After his death Betty resolved to join the Royal Air Force and became a wireless operator. According to a note, she later found out that some of what she wrote down went…

Head and shoulders portrait of Betty Turner in Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniform. On the reverse 'Blk peak Blk band Gold Badge - RAF cap blue Blk tie, pale blue shirt, Uniform greyblue'.

Leslie Temple spent four years in the Air Training Corps before joining the Royal Air Force as a radio operator. He completed a tour of 30 operations with 101 Squadron at RAF Ludford Magna, as a German speaking special operator. He describes how…

In the foreground a large number of bombs on the ground with tails removed and placed alongside. Five armourers dressed in overalls and side caps surround the bombs; two crouching working on bombs and three carrying tails towards the bombs. Above…

Head and shoulder portrait of Mary Hadden (nee Dancy) in Women’s Auxiliary Air Force uniform.

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Five Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel, no rank insignia visible, are arranged in a single file in front of a structure with a barbed wire fence extending from one side. The uppermost of the two copies has been defaced, the lower appears to…

Chief Medical Officer, Air Marshall Sir Harold E Whittingham standing and six airmen seated at the top table of a formal dinner. On the table flowers and a candelabra and on the wall a Royal Air Force ensign. Captioned 'HQ1534', On the reverse…

Donald Briggs was born in Lealholm near Whitby in Yorkshire. After school, he became an apprentice with the Royal Air Force. He trained at RAF Halton in 1939 and became an engine fitter working on Wellingtons and Manchesters. He volunteered for air…

George Haigh was already a keen footballer when he volunteered for the Royal Air Force and became a physical training instructor. He was posted to RAF Morecambe where he provided basic training to new recruits. He discusses the mixed level of fitness…

Gladys Gildersleve was working for a laboratory when she decided to join the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. She began her training at RAF Bridgenorth and at RAF Morecambe. Her first posting was to barrage balloons at Swansea Docks. She eventually…

Portrait of Gladys Gildersleve in Women’s Auxiliary Air Force uniform at RAF Shenington.

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14 Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel at Morecambe with a road and a row of buildings visible in the background. They are arranged in two rows, with the first row seated on a park bench, the second standing behind the first. There is a corporal…

Thirteen airmen in two rows, front sitting rear standing dressed in tunic and peaked caps. In the background a brick building with two windows. Airmen are annotated with number 1 to 13 underneath each. Note attached 'RAF Farnborough 5/6/36 "Monty"…

French pass for Corporal James Henry Banks authorising route Essey Nancy in military vehicle. Signed with b/w photograph of corporal Banks in uniform in bottom right hand corner.

Airmen in a group some in tunic and some in shirt sleeves in front of a building. Twelve are sitting on a wall or standing in front and the rest on a raised area behind pillar and hedge. Three in front wear steel helmets. In the background terrace…

Top left in the background a line of trucks parked on the roadside under trees. In the foreground a group of airmen some sitting eating and some standing under trees.

Top right group of four airmen on a river bank or lakeside framed by…

Top left a convoy of lorries parked on the right side of a tree lined road. In the distance a group of people are gathered round the rear a lorry.

Top right a serviceman standing in the rear of a lorry serving food to a group of six men, some in…

Top left a horse drawn cart with a woman and children aboard stands by a roadside. A man stands to the right of the rear wheel. In the background trees.

Top right an airman kneeling stroking a baby goat with his right hand and smoking a cigarette.…

Across the top four photographs of French countryside. From left to right: multistory building at the rear of a field with trees including three prominent poplars in the background; an open field with trees in the background. In the centre smoke from…

At the top two airmen carry a sergeant pilot on their shoulders down a road towards the camera. Five other servicemen air and ground personnel accompany them. In the background left a van and a civilian. Background right a building.

At the bottom…

Head and shoulders portrait of Flight Sergeant James Banks wearing tunic with medal ribbon and side cap.

Two servicewomen in shirtsleeves, ties and peaked hats stand alongside a brick enclosure. In the background, a single story building with open windows.

Four Women's Auxiliary Air Force in battledress standing in front of a low wall. The two women on the left are leading aircraftswomen. In the background trees and to the right a bicycle

Full face portrait of a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force
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