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Marion and a Commer Q2 15 cwt van RAF 92275.

Marion leaning against a Fordson WOT1 crew coach, RAF 8841, captioned 'This beautiful old thing was my crew bus'.

Andrezej and 11 crew members standing in front of a Wellington.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Andrezej and nine crew in front of a Wellington. Information supplied with the collection suggests he was 18 when the photograph was taken. The Wellington has a Polish red and white squared marking on the nose.

Stirling BK784 being bombed up. There are trestles at the engines and personnel standing around or sitting on a bomb trolley.
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'BK784'. Forward part of aircraft on dispersal with hangars in the…

Pilot and eight ground crew standing by crew entrance door of a Stirling. 28 bomb symbols have been painted just behind the door.
Ten airmen standing on the tail of a Stirling.
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'WP-P BK784, Mission…

Nine airmen siting and standing on the cockpit and fuselage of a Stirling. One man is leaning from the cockpit window. engine trestles are visible in the background.
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'WP-P (Peter) BK784 with air and…

A brief biography of Dennis featuring photographs described in the collection. It covers his training and service as a fitter in the UK and Canada. He maintained a Lancaster that completed 124 ops and the aircraft was, unusually, awarded a DSO.

Two pages with nine photographs.
#1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are Dennis standing in uniform.
#5 is Dennis standing but dressed casually.
#7 is four men including Dennis at the tail of an Oxford.
#8 is 16 airmen in the snow outside a wooden hut.
#9 is…

Three photographs. #1 is 11 airmen and ground crew under the front of a Lancaster. #2 is a group of 12 trainees standing in the snow in front of a wooden hut. #3 is an Oxford being towed by a tractor. This photo is repeated on a separate sheet.

A large group of airmen arranged in five rows in front of a Whitley.

A group of 44 arranged in four rows.

62 trainees and officers in four rows in front of an Oxford.

A head and shoulders portrait of Dennis.

A letter awarding a DSO to Lancaster ME746 for 100 operations.

Ten airmen and three airwomen, nine standing and four crouching in front, all in front of a four engined bomber. Six airmen have visible brevet, the man front right a pilot, the other five have half brevet. Two of the women wear battledress and the…

Maurice and eight crew members, including ground crew. They are sat on a tractor in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse '2 Groundcrew from L Harold, Johny, Joe, Robinson, Roy, Bill, Maurice.'

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing battledress with side cap under shoulder tab. Submitted with information 'Studio portrait of John Gerald Taylor in uniform, submitted with caption; “…Edith’s husband, now deceased, who was RAF…

Six men, three wearing flying jackets and two overalls walking towards the front of a Wellington with engines running. Another man stands by aircraft ladder under the nose.

A large group of airmen wearing variety of uniform sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Lancaster.

Head and shoulders portrait of a Women's Auxiliary Air Force corporal wearing tunic side by side with an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and observer brevet.

Head and shoulders portrait of a WAAF wearing tunic.

A squadron leader sitting at a desk.
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