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Eight airmen in a variety of uniform, three with visible aircrew brevet, all standing in line in front of a Hampden.

Four aircrew wearing flying jackets, seated but holding two large bombs upright. Behind are standing five ground crew wearing tunics. In the background the front of a Hampden.

Four aircrew wearing uniform with aircrew brevet sitting in front while five ground crew wearing overalls stand behind. In the background the front of a Hampden with nose art of a monkey holding a bomb.

Front quarter view of Hampden RE184 parked on airfield with a group of ground crew gathered in front.

Four aircrew stand by rear fuselage of a Hampden while four ground crew are under port wing and engine.

Twenty-one airmen, some with aircrew brevet standing and squatting down in two rows in front of a Lancaster. Aircraft has nose art of cat outline holding a bomb.

Three airmen, two wearing overalls standing by the rear turret of a Lancaster.

Five airmen, three squatting in the middle and two standing either side. In the background a brick building with windows.

A large group of airmen sitting and standing in six rows in front of a Lancaster. Title 'Royal air Force Nos 463 & 467 RAAF Squadrons, Waddington Servicing Wing Bomber Command, may 1945'.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster with several bomb trollies underneath and a bomb being hoisted into bomb bay while two ground crew conduct load with others looking on. Partial view of nose art.

Eighteen airmen, some with aircrew brevet squatting and standing in a group in front of the rear fuselage of a Lancaster with squadron letters 'JO-T'.

View looking up at three airmen sitting on the wing of a bomber.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster engines running while an airman pulls on rope to remove chock. Another airman on right gives thumbs up. Other Lancasters line up behind.

Loaded Lancaster bomb bay. An airman stands on the right looking up while another two inspect bomb at the rear.

Six airmen, five wearing uniform with brevet and one in the centre wearing tunic, all standing in line in front of a Lancaster. Two versions o the same image.

Front quarter view of Lancaster with bomb being loaded by ground crew. Fuel bowser in front. Aircraft has devil nose art with words 'Nick the Nazi Neutralizer'. Gantry by port inner and an airman on top of wing.

Nine airmen squatting down in front of a Lancaster.

Fourteen airmen in a group standing, squatting and standing with an airwoman sitting centre of front row. In the background the front of a Lancaster with bow legged man nose art and the words 'How Stap Me'

Seven aircrew stand behind six crouching airmen all at the tail of a Lancaster.

Seven aircrew stand behind four kneeling ground crew in front of the port inner engine of a Lancaster. Engine trestles in the background.

Eight airmen, four kneeling and four standing in front of an open hangar.

Aircrew and ground crew gathered by the nose of a Lancaster with nose art of cartoon boxing kangaroo, the words 'Flak Ship' and one swastika symbol.

Four airmen lined up by a small wooden and corrugated iron shed with a small sign saying 'bombers arms'. Second man is holding a small practice bomb.

Hampden parked on grass with a group of airmen standing under aircraft nose.

Six airmen stand in line under the nose of a Lancaster facing a line of seven aircrew in flying gear walking towards them. A car and more Lancasters in the background.
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