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Seven aircrew all wearing battledress with brevet stand in line behind four airmen squatting in front. In the background part of the fuselage of a bomber aircraft.

Five airmen, four wearing overalls standing in line in front of the rear turret of a Lancaster.

Five airmen sitting in front and seven aircrew wearing battledress or tunic with brevet, They are under a Lancaster.

A row of standing nine standing airmen most wearing Mae West and four airmen kneeling in front. Behind, the front of a Lancaster with gantry between starboard inner and outer engines.

Nine airmen wearing tunics some with brevet standing in line. Four airmen. also wearing tunics taking knee in front. In the background the front quarter view of a Lancaster three rows of operation symbols on nose fuselage. Three engine trestles in…

Front quarter view of the front of a Lancaster. A propeller in dangling from a crane by the port inner engine being held by an airman on gantry. Another airman stands behind on a gantry while a third on the ground consults a book. Aircraft has name…

A airman standing on top of wing of a Lancaster watching two airmen working on the port outer engine below. Another two airmen work on the propeller of the port inner engine. Aircraft has name 'Dumbo' on nose and three rows of operation symbols.…

Nine air and ground crew arranged in two rows in front of a Mosquito. Alan is front row, right.

A pass stating that Alan North does not have to stand in line to receive his meals.

A group of airmen sit on the port wing and port inner engine of Lancaster R5868 S-Sugar. Another sits and another stands up in the cockpit. Two more are standing in front of the nose. Aircraft has eight rows of operation bomb symbols and words 'no…

Ten airmen, six aircrew standing and three men squatting and one sitting in front. All in front of a Lancaster with three rows of operation symbols.

Four airmen wearing leather jerkins squat in front while seven aircrew, one with tunic, the others battledress, all with brevet, standing in front of port wing of a Lancaster. Engine trestles in the background.

Two airmen, one a warrant officer, standing on a gantry platform by the engine of a Lancaster with open panel.

Front quarter view of a parked Lancaster with snow on the ground. Seven aircrew, six standing and one squatting on left, all wearing Mae West and one airman wearing battledress standing in middle of group. Aircraft has nose art of a woman. Includes…

Eleven men seven wearing battledress, some with brevet, two in overalls and one in shirt sleeves. Four are squatting in front and seven standing behind. In the background, part of the rear fuselage of a Lancaster.

Eleven men in two rows standing in front of the nose of a Lancaster with four rows of love heart operation symbols.

Eight men wearing a variety of clothes, three squatting in front and five standing behind.

Eight ground crew wearing tunics or overalls standing in line under a Lancaster.

Eleven airmen lined up in front of a Lancaster with kangaroo nose art.

Thirteen airmen, six squatting down seven standing behind in front of a Lancaster with nose art and rows of kangaroo operation symbols. Nose art shows emu and kangaroo either side of shield.

Five ground crew standing in line by the rear fuselage of a Lancaster registration 'ED532'. Engine trestles in the background.

Seven aircrew and an airman standing and four airmen squatting in front with a dog. All lined up in front of a Manchester with engine trestles and ladders up to engines. Nose art of cow.

Side view of a Manchester parked on grass with a group of four men in greatcoats under the nose and two more by the undercarriage. Squadron letters 'H-EM'.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster with fuel bowser in front. There is a man on top of the bowser and a group of men under aircraft's nose. Incendiary cannisters await loading.

Nine servicemen and one servicewoman arranged on the starboard wing of a Lancaster. Four of the men wear Mae Wests, two are sitting astride the far engine behind the propeller and one is sitting astride the nearside engine behind the propeller. On…
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