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Four photographs mounted on a sheet.
#1 is two airmen standing beside a saloon car.
#2 is Robert and his crew.
#3 is the grave of Robert and his crew.
#4 is Robert in his aircraft.

The grave of six airmen. The pilot was Squadron Leader AL Collett, 83 Squadron.

Six crashed Stirlings listed with the date, squadron, operation, location (where known), crew and fate.

Ron Riding and Mme Eliane Guerin standing at the graves of airmen in France

The graves of the four airmen who died when their Stirling was shot down, Enter, Netherlands.

Eight photographs of the crew of Stirling BK604. Four were killed and four were taken prisoner.

Recounts Rhona's visit to Peter and Cynthia in September 2002 when she brought photograph of Ian Hay's grave. Four of Ian's crew were buried in same cemetery. At the bottom - an image of several monumental grave headstones.

A woman wearing an overcoat holding onto part of a memorial headstone for grave of Ian Hay in Inverness. Upper part of stone is fashioned as a propeller blade. On the reverse 'In August 1975 Peter and I stayed in Inverness and visited the Hay Clan…

Retrospective after the death in a crash during a flight from RAF Kinloss on 24 September 1940. Author knew Ian Hay's sister well and writes of visiting his grave in Inverness. Mentions cairn raise by Hay's father near crash site and finding out more…

Left page:
Top - view through wrought iron gate of a stone church/chapel.
Bottom - several graveyard monumental tombs with stone building in the background.
Right page:
Captions on spine from top to bottom: '1984'. 'Winson 1984'.
Top left - top…

Monumental stone tombs and gravestones in the graveyard of St Michael's Church.

Identification kindly provided by Kate Burhouse of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group Facebook group.

Top left - newspaper cutting with b/w photograph of a wedding party with bride and groom (in RAF tunic with half brevet) and two other men and three bridesmaids. Caption mentions Pilot Officer C R Sugar.
Top right - newspaper cutting - long service…

Top left: two rows of white crosses set in long grass.
Top right: an individual standing inside a building.
Bottom: a group of three white single story buildings in the distance, low walls either side of the road /track leading to the buildings.…

Two pages, the first has four photographs the first showing two graves captioned 'Enschede'.
The second showing an industrial steam engine, captioned '?'. 'Berlin, Burma, Blighty' and 'V4' are painted on the side.
The third has an Air Force lorry…

Three photographs and a newspaper cutting. The first two show the graves at Belsen, one of them still open. The third shows a group of German servicemen. The newspaper cutting reports that allied servicemen have contributed some of their rations to…

Four photographs, two of Belsen, one shows two allied servicemen with rifles standing in front of a gravesite, captioned 'Belsen'.
The second shows a large amount of discarded shoes.
The other two show a large two storey building. There are…

A transfer certificate attached to the burial plot purchased by Lars Andersen. This transfer allows Catherine Christian to use the plot in the event of his death.
A further handwritten note states 'Molly Andersen widow of :- Lars Cornelius Christian…

Combat report by Flying Officer V S Breckenridge. Relates first attack by fighter killed wireless operator and wounded rear and mid-upper gunners as well as damaging the aircraft. Second fighter attack caused more damage and the pilot and navigator…

Top left and bottom right are of a boy standing in Marktplatz, Lautenthal.
Bottom left is of three boys standing in Rathausplatz, Lautenthal.
Bottom right shows Arthur with two individuals in Lautenthal village cemetery with the graves of Peter…

Two photographs, the page captioned' German'. The first photograph is of a group of Germans, one giving the Nazi salute standing around a newly completed grave in open country with a small building and vehicle in the background. Captioned 'One less'.…

Four photographs, two air to ground, one showing Amsterdam canals near Rijksmuseum, the other near Muiden showing some flooded areas.
The second page has two photographs the first shows a crowd in a city street in Belgium, the second shows five…

The first item is a list of Peter Lamprey's stations, ranks and dates. Peter Lamprey was a friend of Arthur's and pre-war fellow worker at Waterlow's the printers at Park Royal, London. A special operator with 101 Squadron, he died on 14 January 1944…

A large cemetery with many graves. It is captioned 'De laatste rustplaats der in Stalag IVB overleden of omgkomen gevangenen', translated as 'The final resting place of prisoners who died or died in Stalag IVB'.

White headstone with S Sznidel, 305 Sqdn'. With wreath laid at bottom. Submitted with caption 'Stephan Sznidel'.

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